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I need a couple of you with really good models

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  • I need a couple of you with really good models

    Awhile back I posted that I had a new toy for my business - a laser. Now that the city has finally issued me a building permit to get my office added on to my workshop, I can get moving on this.

    You'll see my ads in HSM and MW starting in the Sept issues for laser work. What I need is a couple of machinists with some really good looking models of whatever... steam engines, tools, etc... and who can take a really good photo (digital or film). I'm offering display bases, name/description plaques, etc... for displays and I need some photos for my ads, website of good looking models on my custom bases.

    So I'm offering to make you a custom, laser engraved display for your project. In exchange for a couple of really nice photos of your project on the base. If you're interested please send me an email and I'll go over details.

    As an FYI... maximum size of the base is 12x24 inches, would be wood, acrylic and the description/name plaque can be anodised aluminum, coated brass or a variety of engravable plastics in many colors.

    Thanks all,

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    Noone replied, huh? We're always on the outlook for new models..the ones that Evan posts, just don't quite cut it. The last one he posted was about 100 yrs. old. I'm sure you can do better than that??


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      I figured that offernig a free, laser etched and labeled base in exchange for a couple photos would have garnered more interest. So far I've had one interested person.

      I don't have any engine models, etc.. myself to photo for the website. I can make bases and photograph them but that loses the point that they are made for the model to be displayed.



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        Hey, we don't want to see a pic of YOU..I thought you meant female type models, maybe sexier than the one Evan posted..but man, was she hot in her younger days, may have went to school with her, but then again; we didn't have schools as you would know it.{{ myself to photo for the website}}


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          Hey Brunneng. Your profile on this board says that you wish to not receive any emails. You either need to go in there and change that or post it in this message. Might help get some more responses.
          Jonathan P.


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            Really good models

            I used to live with a really good model, but she left me for a younger, and richer guy. Sorry, cannot help you, too late. Vic


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              What about my name plate for my lathe??


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                I'm interested. I just finished a PM Research No. 3 steam engine that turned out pretty well. I sent a private message.



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                  Lazer your own business cards


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                    Speaking of....I used to have a Biz card collection I think the coolest one was a tooled leather one from a tandy rep.A close second was a stainles steel one that was laser eched and this was in the '80s.


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                      Thanks Japcas, I hadn't noticed that it was set that way... of course I don't often email myself.

                      Cue... where were we on that? I'm going through my back emails and can't remember if you sent me photos of the plates in question. Let me know.