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    Glass and lexan in combination??

    Could you use a 3/16" piece of lexan (on the operator's side) and a piece of ordinary glass (on the lathe side) sandwiched together to keep the lathe side of the shield free from scratches? I have an old commercially made lathe shield which takes two transparent sheets of something (long gone when I got it on Ebay). Both openings are for flat sheets and have full perimeter aluminum framing. I am considering putting lexan/glass sandwiches in each opening. Seems that the glass would be prevented from reaching the operator in an accident, unless it fell out and was thrown around by the chuck. Might need some clear adhesive between the two sheets to prevent that. What do you guys think? A.T.


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      It is very hard to find an adhesive that works. The change in temperature will mess with things. Glass and Polycarbonate have very different expansion rates.


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        If you win the lottery you could have one made of transparent aluminum.
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          Your PC

          BobW I really like your PC case. Very nice. You should consider to market it. I had a boss, he would have had went crazy to have something like that on his desk. Really nice. Vic