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well lathe move and ouch

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    If you were in the States I would tell you to call a ToW Truck (toe Truck) or buy some Fritos ( free toes). Hope you fell better, that had to hurt! Fred


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      I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune Alistair. Hope you get well soon. As for the steel toe boots, I have to wear them every day at work so I have gotten used to them. I guess if under enough weight, the steel toe could cut your toe off, but without them, the toe is just going to get mashed off. For weights within the rating of the boot, probably no foot damage would happen, with out them on though, even 5 pounds would probably hurt.
      Jonathan P.


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        steel toes

        Originally posted by DancingBear
        OUCH! Sorry to hear you hurt yourself, hope it heals up quickly and well.

        I've been contemplating steel-toed shoes for awhile, guess this is another vote in favor...

        Actually, steel toes would not much help you in this case. It would make things much worse. The steel would cave in under such a weight and stay that way. It would be more difficult to remove the shoes. Steel toes are good perhaps for a sheet plywood, but I would not want to find out. The most effective way to avoid injuries is to THINK! vic
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          You need a pair of these, hope you get better soon.


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            Alistair, Just try to avoid getting "Toe Main Poisoning". I here it is harder to cure than "Knee Monia" in senior people.

            A speedy recovery!!




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              toe injury....

              Alistair,,, Ok,, here,s your BIG chance now...(don,t blow it),,Hobble around saying you are in just terrible pain, (you probably are), Then tell the wife the doc said you have to stay off your feet and get plenty of rest!
              That way you can get waited on like royalty,, ..breakfast in bed,, lots of pampering etc. Just think if you go at that ,, you won,t have to do the dishes, vacumning, dusting, washing , ironing, scrubbing out the bathroom,
              etc, etc. For maybe two weeks if you,re good at it!!! (she will catch on),,
              so lie in bed with a cool brew,, and watch Bennie Hill movies!!
              They say laughter is a good healer,, Sorry to hear about your injury, keep the foot up, let us know how you are healing up!
              Maybe we could take up a collection, and hire a full time scantily clad cute little blonde nurse, that would distract from the pain for a while!!!
              Get healed up soon,, Ray in N. Ont.


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                All the discussions we've had on this bbs concerning close calls, moving machinery, moving lathes, lifting, being careful, etc., etc. and this is what you've learned? Dontchya read this stuff?

                Honest, I hate to hear of this...Hope you get healed up soon.

                Follow sasquatch's advice, get pampered a bit, get plenty of rest, and you'll be back on what's left of your feet in no time!


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                  "toe mangle"

                  Hope you didn't damage the lathe,my scots friend.
                  Take care of that foot,Alistair.Keep it clean and rest,we don't want to see you end up in a wheelchair.regards from the cold side of the globe.


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                    Matador beat me to it...

                    I hope you get well soon with no complications!


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                      First, engage the brain.

                      No, you don`t want to end up in a wheelchair Alistair, not permanently anyway. Although they have a lot to commend them, having the use of your lower limbs is the better option.
                      The other night, sitting in my lounge, I decided to go out to the garage.
                      Using my crutches I stood up and set off to the shed... but my right leg woudn`t move? I thought "what goes on here?" then looked down to see that I had my r.h crutch , with most of my weight on it, on my foot! It can be amusing with no feeling in your limbs but at times the joke wears a bit thin.
                      I hope that you have a full recovery mate.


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                        Here's hoping your back on your feet and making chips again A.S.A.P.
                        All the best.
                        Just cause it works, don't mean you can't improve it


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                          Sorry to hear this Alistair. Hope the pain subsides quickly and it mends well.

                          Say, you're not just kidding about this are you?

                          (Note: you gotta watch Alistair closely. Some will probably remember a few years back when he led us on with a story about burning down a good portion of his lathe bed with a O-A torch. I still get a laugh out of that. Probably one of the best stories told here.)

                          As for the safety toed shoes - my dad lost 2 or 3 toes in safety shoes working at Reynolds Aluminum. Don't remember now whether it was an Alum. ingot or a piece of equipment, but was several K lbs. In his case the shoes were irrelevant.
                          Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                            Take care Alistair. Perhaps you could give us a bit more information? Which one does it resemble?

                            Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                              Evan, some of us might be trying to eat!
                              Why buy it for $2 when you can make it for $20


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                                That's the second most disgusting picture he's ever posted.

                                ...almost as bad as that ugly man with no shirt he once posted.
                                Lynn (Huntsville, AL)