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A pleasant surprise from Aliexpress

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    Do not ever think that Aliexpress has got your backside covered or has your best interests at heart.
    I dealt with them for well over 10 years without a problem, and if there was a product quality issue it was dealt with fairly and promptly.

    Then one day while looking at my account there I noticed a very large number of orders that I had not placed. I immediately contacted Aliexpress and the merchants for the items in question, in order to explain that I had not ordered these items and to please cancel these orders before they were sent out.
    Some of the merchants were very understanding and obliging, others not so much.
    Aliexpress were somewhat sympathetic and put me in contact with their "security team". I had several online chats with them to explain that my account must have been somehow hacked as I had not placed these orders.

    They told me not to worry as they would soon get to the bottom of these unauthorized orders and that all would be good once again.
    Two days later Aliexpress contacted me and told me that I would be responsible for paying of these orders and that they were suspending my account there and that I would no longer be welcome there due to my attempted fraud and that I would also not be able to pursue any actions on my behalf through any of their customer service channels.

    I then contacted my bank's Visa customer service dept. to explain my situation. Buddy on the other end said that if the orders in question from Aliexpress did not originate from my IP address that I would have nothing to worry about. He contacted me two days later to confirm that I would not be responsible for the payment of those orders.

    Thanks Aliexpress and special thanks to your "security team" for looking after your customers.
    Hell will freeze over before I darken their door with an order.
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      Originally posted by Mcgyver View Post
      If everyone properly surveyed this crap and returned every item that did not meet their claimed specs/performance etc, in a month they would collectively either 1) stop lying about specs or 2) deliver a quality product that met the specs.
      I agree. Upon receiving an item, I do the QC and immediately demand a good product or a refund.
      If we all hold sellers accountable, then they will have sufficient incentive to change. The quality will go up, but so will the price at some point (maybe this won't be so good for me personally!).
      Would take longer than a month though.
      And the one thing I DO like about Amazon is that there is essentially no risk, and I know for sure that I will get immediate action.
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        well the month was either/or.....if they didn't lie about things that would be ok as well.
        in Toronto Ontario - where are you?