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Trico MD-1200 air fitting question

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  • Trico MD-1200 air fitting question

    Hi all,

    My Trico micro-drop has been plugged up for a while so today I decided to disassemble and clean the unit. That went well but I realized afterwards that the reservoir wasn't pressurizing properly so I pulled the pressure switch and regulator. This is supposed to be one unit but it fell apart when removed and, for the life of me, I can't see what held it together originally. The pieces still fit snuggly when they are pressed together but there are no mechanical fasteners and it doesn't appear to have been soldered.

    If you look at the pic, the left side is basically the air supply on/off switch with unregulated ports for the air lines. To the right is the pressure regulator with a port restricted to 8 psi. for the coolant reservoir. The male end of the regulator body slides into brass fitting and does have a small groove that looks like it could possibly hold a small O-ring but none was present.

    I think it will work again if I can keep the 2 pieces together but I'm hesitant to solder as there is a needle valve and spring that I can't seem to remove from the regulator body. What do you think, Loctite, JB Weld, epoxy?

    Plan B is to scrap the original assembly and just plumb in a separate regulator to control the reservoir pressure.


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    Those are just standard clippard pneumatic components. But the pic is too small for me to make out any details.

    Id just epoxy it, I usually use Hysol 1C for a lot of stuff like this.


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      What is the problem statement ?



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        Macona: Yes, they are Clippard units, I appreciate the lead. The valve appears to be a H11-30-44 and the regulator is stamped CS-1748. The valve looks readily available, not so much for the regulator. I'll look into the Hysol 1C

        Doozer: The regulator came apart. I'm trying to determine what held it together originally and what type of loctite or epoxy might work to hold it together again. It needs to withstand air pressure up to 120 psi.

        I appreciate the replies!
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          It looks like 10-32 O-ring port fittings.
          It is an like an airforce/navy fitting, only really small.
          McMaster Carr and Clippard have them.
          I would solder them together with 50/50 solder.



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            I've got an MD-1200 I could pull that from, get a matching number from the Clippard catalog. I might even have one spare around here.

            While you're in there make sure the air opened check valve is still working on the lube output - it has a tendency to stick open on some of mine.

            I have some of that weird dual tubing if you need it. It was about the same to have 100' made up as to buy 10' from Trico.


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              Rkepler - thanks for the info and offer, I'll pm you if I end up needing new lines. I had some loctite 660 on hand so that's what I used to reassemble the regulator, I'll find out this weekend how it holds up.