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    If you are working where ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) is a problem you want to look at grounding. But if you are working around high voltage you don't want a ground, in fact, electricians working with high voltage wear insulating boots, because they don't want electricity passing through their body.


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      Originally posted by polaraligned View Post
      This is not for ESD. This is some idiot looking for ignorant viewers to scratch their floors up.
      Don't forget to ground your Tomato plants so they can absorb energy from the ether!!!!!!

      Here is a simple example of how to boost your crop growth by creating an Aether/Ether Antenna for collecting energy from the Atmosphere.Check out our blog on...

      Ya, I didn't know it was a thing either until these two Carnival freak show looking people came in at work and asked me if we had 300ft of Copper ground wire. I asked them what they were using it for and they said "grounding our garden" I thought grounding their grow lab maybe?? But no, they meant grounding their garden, which is already in the "ground". I tried to hide my eye roll, but........
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Grounding yourself with copper rivets through the soles of your boots???

        OK, I'm ready to go. I have now officially heard EVERYTHING.
        Paul A.
        SE Texas

        And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
        You will find that it has discrete steps.


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          A non-solution to a problem...... and it ruins a pair of boots too.

          There ARE things that you strap onto your shoe that do the job, at least they do if the floor is conductive. And they have the correct resistance included. That is if you have to walk around. Otherwise, a wrist strap is practical and effective. And better for a seated person, because the feet may not be on the floor.

          Grounding yourself with what is basically a wire? Not a wonderful idea. The resistor avoids having enough current to kill you at voltages you are likely to come in contact with.

          People come up with the nuttiest ideas. Usually to solve problems that some fool on the internet assured them was a serious issue. Like tinfoil hats.... When I look at one in a picture, I see a poorly constructed microwave resonator. Might be more likely to fry the brain than protect it at high frequencies, but those folks probably deserve it.

          The copper rivet is another one that has a downside to it. And why copper? Aluminum, steel, etc would be just as good, and way easier to get.
          CNC machines only go through the motions.

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          Not responsible for clerical errors. Or those made by lay people either.
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            It's to help prevent mould from growing on your feet.
            I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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              I wear boots with copper rivets because my Psychologist told me I needed to be more grounded! Ok, I'll get my hat.
              Location: The Black Forest in Germany

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                You know, i was thinking about possible reasons right up until i saw who made the video. This guy is batcrap crazy and believes that 'grounding' everything has some magical bullcrap effect on the human body, to the point where hes been preaching about running a ground strap across your bed to cure... something. It clearly isnt dementia that hes curing though...


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                  I remember long time ago there was a trend of using a open copper bracelet with a couple of balls at the tips of a different metal that was supposed to "generate" some electromagnetic field that was good for your health. Apparently something similar is still around

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                  Helder Ferreira
                  Setubal, Portugal


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                    I bet they believe in flat earth too.
                    The stupid actions of stupid people
                    are an indicator of their stupid thoughts.
                    I think it is great. They are giving you a
                    clear warning sign that they are stupid so
                    you have an advanced notice to steer clear
                    of them, or treat them accordingly.
                    Just like the saggy pants crowd.
                    Showing me visually that you are a follower
                    of morons, gives me a nice heads up that
                    you are a moron yourself. Thank you.
                    Some of the members here are just
                    as courteous, and I appreciate that.

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                      Originally posted by RMinMN View Post
                      I wear boots with steel screws in the soles. It helps keep my butt from being grounded when I walk on the ice covered roads. Having fallen twice last winter I don't care to do that again. I use 1/2 inch sheet metal screws with hex heads as the heads dig into the ice.
                      Bet your wife loves those.I can still hear my aunt yelling at my cousin, "Bruce, I told you not to wear your spurs in the house!"
                      It's all mind over matter.
                      If you don't mind, it don't matter.


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                        When I was young, older men tended to wear work boots with nailed soles (hob nailed boots). So did the Army. No problem with those guys being grounded (or earthed) Made an awful noise when they walked on a hard surface.

                        I asked my dad, who'd been in the army, how did they sneak up behind someone, like I'd seen them do it in the films. He said don't believe everything you see in a film (or a video these days)
                        'It may not always be the best policy to do what is best technically, but those responsible for policy can never form a right judgement without knowledge of what is right technically' - 'Dutch' Kindelberger


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                          Originally posted by Black Forest View Post
                          I wear boots with copper rivets because my Psychologist told me I needed to be more grounded! Ok, I'll get my hat.
                          Here you go !
                          I apologize if there's an advertisement at the beginning. Youtube monetizes everything because it is run by "Don't Be Evil" GOOGLE. I complained. I'm not get...


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                            It is common for safety footware in the UK to have antistatic soles and they are quite high resistance to reduce the danger from ordinary electric shock. Static protection only requires slight conductivity. As for cars with their chains dangling from the rear bumper, that faded out by the 70's, although you could still buy conductive rubber strips with a tungsten end that was fitted instead of the chain. The static was most pronounced when the car was new, like new carpets getting that tiny bit of conductive dirt after a while.


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                              I’ve worked with blown film extruders, static so bad it would knock you on your ass, imagine a 600kg coil of Hot hdpe film that may have been through a corona discharge unit to surface treat for printing, a big capacitor, anti static boots helped but not completely, we had ball and chain ankle straps, light brass chain with a ball on the end ( copper) sometimes you’d see sparks off it.
                              a couple of the extruder towers were equipped with a gamma radiation source ( remember gold leaf electroscope sinking when exposed to radiation)
                              im not advocating sticking C60 isotopes in you boots btw!
                              , the rivet is supposed to go through the boot to pass charge to ground.


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                                At one point I drove an English ford van, a Thames. Thought I'd wax it up nice one day- it looked pretty good considering it was 'just' a work van. 'My little bus' as my mom called it. Anyway, I went to drive to work the next morning and I got an awful whack when I touched the door handle. That continued for about a week before it stopped.

                                When I had the '53 chevy, I would open the door, then deliberately slide across the seat without touching any metal, then I would touch a friend- and give them a zap.

                                As far as the copper rivet to dissipate static charge through my boots- I'm glad I never had any such thing.
                                I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-