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Cutting a 1" Dia. Surface Hardened Shaft in half??

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  • Cutting a 1" Dia. Surface Hardened Shaft in half??

    I need to cut a hardened (60-65c) solid shaft
    (McMaster-Carr number 6061k35)
    In multiple pieces, what is the best method to cut something like this. Should I attempt this on my lathe? My only other option is hacksaw

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    About the only thing that will cut something that hard is an abrasive cut off wheel. A hacksaw will not even make a mark on it. A tap is around 62rc so that should tell you something. Is this a piece of Thomson Shafting? If it is it is only case hardend and then you can grind through the case and then saw it.


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      Thanks, I'll give it a try with an abrasive wheel, I hope the "curf" is not too wide, otherwise I'll have to buy a longer shaft to make up for it.

      More than likely it'll be a Thomson product...when I converted my 3.n.1 to ballscrews I bought the raw parts from McMaster and the ballscrews and related parts all came from Thomson.


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        Run the shafting in a collet 1200 rpm. Use a solid carbide cutoff or grooving tool. Beleive me it will cut Thompson rod like butter. A rubber abrasive wheel unless you can flood the cut with coolant will result in the cut end of the shaft being harder than heck. I cut Thompson rod, drill bushings and all kinds of other stuff like this. just make sure that your set up is rock solid.
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          Spin man is right part it off done lots of that my self.
          I just need one more tool,just one!