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Any visual basic programmers here? CNC code

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  • Any visual basic programmers here? CNC code

    I have a partially working copy of a cnc program, you can import gcode, export, cut and freehand cut with joystick (saves moves and speed). I don't have the time or the current programming ablility to complete.
    Anyone want to finish it in Visual basic for me? it would be cool to post it like they have linux. Freeware.
    This Job I am on, making good money but time is at a premium.
    My poor machines in the shop are getting rusty.
    I'll share for the return of any modified versions with code. I have hundreds of hours in this already. Most things are basic, using a driver to send data out the parallel port. Saves gcode files in ascii format. Configuration is set up the same on the port pins as the Qstep program currently in operation on my brideport cnc. Steppers.. Gecko drives, inverter,
    This software should work anywhere on a stepper based machine. Lathe, mill or drill. First machine was just a pcb driller and worked great. I traded up to a bridgeport.

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    Interesting proposal; I’d love to give it a go since I have a lot of time on my hands these days. I’ve been laid off for about a year now from a software development company (CAD/CAM). I’ve been taking it easy lately and the better half has a good enough job to keep the lights on so I can spend time on different projects; both in the shop and on the computer.
    A little about my background; I started in the shop about 25 yrs ago turning cranks, my employer at the time bought their first CNC machine and I was one of two guys picked to program and operate it. Moved on from there to a managerial role running a NC/CNC department (programming, set-up, tooling, fixtures etc) for another company. From they’re to a company that developed mostly CAD software. Myself and a small team started the manufacturing end of the business. Anyway way without droning much more I’m fluent in Fortran, VB, C, DOS and UNIX. Would like to talk to you more. Email at [email protected] and lets see what we can put together.



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      I would like to participate. I have a stepper motor controller project underway, although mine is writing to the serial port. I have some experience in basic and VB programming and database development. A freind of mine is writing machine code for my device that is based on the Z80 processor. I still need to develope the higher level conversion from the GCODE. This is right up my alley. I have step and direction capability but the device has lots of potential for doing more of the processing. Still, I prefer to use the PC to do the processing. My email is [email protected]


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        I am trying to figure out what all files you need.. I got several different programs chained together.. I got it in Visual basic 6 with a driver called. I will post it on my webspace and set it up to download.. I think I remember how to do that..


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          Things I started but have not accomplished all of.. Autocad Dxf import, jpeg import, Gcode editor on fly, Graphical drawing interface with trace as run, Joystick manual operation with generated gcode, Gcode resize by percentage (for casting die molds) Lettering text engraving, Full Gcode interpertation, Toolpath generation.
          ............ Different directions I have been in, First in basic, then turbo compiled basic, Now visual basic with drivers to access the port... Now I have found out that DirectX 8 has a excellent graphical display with rotation abilities, with collision detection for toolpath generation. It should be redone with Direct X...