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Need Help with Tabata Dividing Head

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  • Need Help with Tabata Dividing Head


    I have a universal dividing head made by Tabata (Japanese). It is marked with "B&S #3" on the side. I'm trying to figure out what the spindle taper is, as well as the external thread of the spindle.

    I measured the O.D. of the threaded spindle and recorded a measurement of 2.756" and using a thread gauge a pitch of 6 T.P.I. I looked in my KBC catalog to find a backing plate and couldn't find anything close. I thought made in Japan, maybe it's metric?. The equvalent measurement is 78.00mm x 4.25. I've never heard of thius size before, has anyone else? Where do I source a screw on backing plate for this diving head, or do I have to make my own?

    I then tried to determine the taper of the spindle, more problems. There is a "5" stamped on the face of the spindle so I though it was a MT5 taper, wrong. The gauge line measurement is 1.476" (37.50mm) and the small end is 1.262" (32mm). It's not close to any B&S tapers that I'm aware of either.

    I've tried finding info on the internet about this dividing head and can't find anything relavent. Anyone have any ideas?