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2024-T351 Aluminum & EDM

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  • 2024-T351 Aluminum & EDM

    I am making a clutch hub from billet 2024-T351. The basic layout will be a drum approx. 6" dia. with slots machined internal to the drum (approx. 1/2" wide). Since I do not have and angle head attachment for my small mill it has been suggested that I have the slots in the drum done by plunge EDM. My question is will the heat generated by the arc alter the heat treatment of the 2024 and will the part have to be rehardened? If the degradation is only surface, would hard anodizing be sufficient? I was going to have this done to the finished parts anyway.

    Mr. Hemi.

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    There will be virtually no heat affected zone so that isn't a problem. However, 2000 series aluminum isn't recommended for anodizing because of it's high copper content.
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