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  • OT: One tough SOB

    Floyd Landis wins despite needing a hip-
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    He really wanted it to push himself that hard in his condition .


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      As an added bonus this makes 8 in a row that the French have had to hear our national anthem at the end of the race
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Geez, now that is hilarious! Lance with the cancer and now a guy with a bad hip.
        What? Did the French just decide to surrender 8 years ago?
        Just serve me up an order of Freedom Fries thanks!
        I have tools I don't even know I own...


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          .............A guy with cancer and another with a bad hip. They'd probably just forfeit if we sent over a quadraplegic. :-)

          But seriously a fine showing and a good job well done.

          Son of the silver stream ..... Bullet caster.


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            Someday we're going to send a Canuck over there to that deal.
            As soon as he learns how to ride a bike with his snowshoes on...
            I have tools I don't even know I own...


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              I happened to drive a section of the race by accident last year ,(you can tell because evry 10 feet there is Lance written on the road ),this was in the midi pyranees ,I can only say that the car was puffing and panting all the way,and I was knackered at the end of the day. How those fellows do that race on the bike day after day is beyond me, just doing a bit of it would be a challenge , finishing a miracle, winning purely unbelievable.


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                I have watched almost every stage of the tour since 1981. I happen to be in France in 1980 at the tender age of 10 to see it first hand. Its wasnt much to watch in person.

                "look, there is someone, wow he is going fast"

                wait, wait, wait,

                "look, there are whole bunch more, they are going fast too!" "all done!"

                Then I got drive part of the route the next day in the Alps on the way home to Milan, Italy and I was totally inspired by the mountains they rode up.

                I was hooked. I watched Paris-Roubaix and anything else I could find.

                Back in the states, it was a little hard to find unless an American was in it, but we had satellite.

                I just absoulty love the tactics, condition/heart/endurance and mental toughness of the race and racers.

                Now thats its over, I get to go back to cleaning my lathe and putting it back together.

                Now some please answer my thread on grease.


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                  Landis, with his bum hip, is the third American to win the Tour de France.

                  Armstrong began his string of wins after his recovery from cancer, and Greg LeMond won in 1986 ( the first American to win the Tour,) then nearly died from a gunshot wound in early 1987. He also recovered from his injuries and went on to win the Tour in 1989 and 1990.


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                    It must have been all of the performance enhancing drugs! I am sure this will be on the news before long, "Landis accused of doping during the Tour de France by the french".
                    Why buy it for $2 when you can make it for $20


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                      Originally posted by Wareagle
                      It must have been all of the performance enhancing drugs! I am sure this will be on the news before long, "Landis accused of doping during the Tour de France by the french".
                      I suprised that hasn't happened already,course I'm also suprised the French haven't changed the're flag to all white years ago.
                      I just need one more tool,just one!


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                        Im actually convinced that going through extreme hardship in your life is an advantage in the tour, they never removed all the lead pellets in lemond, he still has some just milimeters from his heart,,, lance was still training 35 miles a day while going through chemo, when he couldnt do that anymore the guy was timing himself doing laps around the hospital floor while using a walker ------- these guys are amazing and probably put out more energy in one of there six or eight hour rides than an entire foot ball team does during the course of there game, think about it, a cadence of 90 to 100 every minute of every hour and making every stroke count, nobody suffers like an elite cyclist --- and now we can add landis to the mix

                        The best thing ever was when the french team confidis dropped Lance when he was on his death bed (he was actually racing for them back then) And then he comes back and gives them the spanking of thier lives, over and over and over again, they can suck hind tit, i forget what he said after walking past the confidis camp right after winning his first tour but it was good stuff, I wont directly bag on anyones nationality,,, but personally im glad im not french for all kinds of reasons....


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                          I'm a cyclist. I do mostly 20 and 40 k time trials and I can tell you, that the Armstrong's , Landis's and all the other pro cyclist's are just inhuman. These guys can easily average over 30 mph in a time trial.

                          The ride up mountain roads, where as mentioned in a couple of post before, cars will struggle to get up. The decents from these mountains can reach speeds of 60+ mph.

                          The sprinters can accelerate to 40+mph, bumping and leaning into each other at the finish. What Floyd Landis did was truly remarkable,......makes me want to go out and ride



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                            They really are amazing, and some are concidered genetic freeks, i used to race Mt. bikes and at my top form had some resting pulse rates of 31 beats per minute, Migal Indurian has actually had some 29's, in fact he had a tough time getting health insurance until they found out who he was because they dont know what to make of it when someones heart beats that slow,,, i guess crocodiles beat 2 per minute in hibernation
                            both Lance and Lemond have hearts that are aprox. 1/3 larger --- many people do --- but not healthy ones, a great cyclist needs a bunch of ingrediants to become a champ, legs lungs and heart and just as important an unstopable will, I once decimated an entire specialized sponsored team riding carbon fibre epics ---and i did it on my Mt. bike (with road tires) All because they laughed at me when i showed up with a Mt. bike for a forty mile road loop, these guys were no slugs niether, some of them i knew and also specialized does not give away those bikes to people who are slow!
                            At the end of the ride they came up and were picking up my Mt. bike and counting the teeth on the chainrings and stuff --- the drive home i remember looking into my rear view mirror and seeing my eyes and it looked as if they were bleeding, years later im reminded that after 40 or 50 thousand miles riding Mt. bikes one of my finest rides took place on the road...

                            there is nothing that iv found in this world that is more fulfilling than the invention and meld between self propulsion and the wheel, and todays tech. has made it even better, my bro just dropped $3,300 on a sweet road bike --- now thats what i call health insurance...

                            So Slowtwitch,,, tell me of your greatest ride!, I can listen to cycling stories all day long...


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                              Originally posted by Wareagle
                              It must have been all of the performance enhancing drugs!
                              Oops! Did you have a crystal ball..?

                              Landis Gives Positive Drugs Test