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Good fortune smiled upon me...

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  • Good fortune smiled upon me...

    Not a gloat. I don't like to tempt fate that way, but all this is too good to be true.

    Finished wiring my IH mill and sighed " Done and done but it'll be some time before I can afford tooling!"

    Well...not so fast.

    A friend at work said his brother was out of a job as his company just sold out. "Will they be having an auction?" I asked. "No, all the machines went to the new owners, but what do you need?" was his response.

    "Oh, heck, a R8 collet or two...maybe some hold-downs. Just junk to get me going."

    The next day in my truck was a box FULL of collets (used & beat up but I'm NOT complaining!)

    The next day....end mills, both RH and LH and two sets of parallels.
    -And drill bits.
    -And a fly cutter. (uses 2 cutters but the arbor is bent where the head screws on the arbor, so I only use one cutter, right!?)
    -And a #36 Jacobs drill chuck.
    -T nuts.


    "He says there's also this round thing that sits on the mill table and you turn a crank...."

    "Yes, YES, YES, I'll take it!!!"

    pant pant pant...

    So then yesterday I was talking with the guy who heads our repair division and I asked him how he trams his mill, with a dial indicator or a test indicator?

    "Oh, I just use a dial indicator with a mount I made and tram it off the vise. Ya know, I've got an extra Kurt vise back here. Come look."

    There it is, a NIB Kurt D40.

    "Wanna buy it? We'll have to go thru the purchasing department though."

    "Aw, hell, I can't afford what one of these costs" I moaned.

    "Can you swing $100 ?" (((00)))

    Needless to say it now sits on my mill.

    Now, let me add that all that time I had a picture of a Kurt to give to my friend to tell his brother that if they had anything like that left...beat up or not....I'd take it.

    Lottery tickets next.

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    Sounds like the machinist Gods have smiled upon thee!!
    Ad maiorem dei gloriam - Ad vitam paramus


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      Hey share the wealth!! Just kidding

      Sounds like you'll be busy in the shop for a while playing ... er i mean "working"


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        Wholy cow, nice score!


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          Every so often you hit one,enjoy!
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Right place; right time! Wow, what a deal! Enjoy your treasures!

            BTW, what are your lottery numbers?
            Why buy it for $2 when you can make it for $20


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              nice score

              all that cool stuf, and no lead hammer ? take it back!


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                Were the end mills sharp ?


                Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                  OK...That deserve a great big...

                  YOU SUCK!

                  Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)


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                    Yin Yang

                    be careful of the Yin Yang effect, the universe has a way of balancing itself out, today free tools tomorrow your mill throws a hefty chunk of metal at your forehead (just kidding)


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                      I'm with Boomer. Take care crossing streets for the next little while. Nice haul.
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                        Reminds me of.....

                        The flexible packaging manufacturer I used to work for. They wanted to buy two pairs of calipers to set anvils on an anvil shaft on a rotary slitter/shear. The manner in which they wanted to use them, impossible. Their idea.. you would be set the anvils to the correct spacing by hooking the solid jaw against the face if one anvil and setting the face of the next against the moveable jaw. Being the only person in the department with a machining background in a printing/paper converting environment, I told them you will not even find a pair capable of being used that way. I told them you could probably have a set custom made, if you want to shell out BIG $$$. They said we'll try it anyway. Jokingly, I said when they do not work as you want them to, I will buy the calipers at half price. They said deal. I though they were joking too, until the department supervisor told me that their idea wasn't working as they expected, You win. I scored a brand new 0"-12" Mitutoyo Digimatic Electronic caliper for less than $100.00. They scored an I told you so. (This was about ten years ago). Those calipers today, brand new, neighborhood $350.00.

                        Some of the radiant "heat" from the collets, end mills drills etc. may even offset the heating bills this winter. (meant to be funny). I wouldn't refuse them or ask questions either.

                        Again, Nice score on the "stuff". How did you make out on the lottery tickets?
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