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    I just picked up Boring Head for my mini mill, it's MT2 shank and came with a 9 piece set of boring bars. I got it from Lathe Master. The set was &79.00.

    I know the basic use of this boring head, but does anyone have any tricks or care and feeding suggestions?


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    Perhaps the most basic is to run it slowly enough when doing large holes. If you work out the feet per minute, you quickly discover that a boring head cutting a 2" hole in steel should be about 200 rpm, max. Add to that the amount of overhang and imbalance, and slow is Good.

    The M2 shank has provision for a drawbar, I hope.
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      Keep the gibs snug, lock the axis once aligned, and keep the quill snug enough to offer some resistance to the downfeed. Holes will be rounder.
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        This head does have a provision for a drawing bar. Slow is the way the way to go.

        Thanks for the advice.