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OT- Does anyone make an inkjet printer than lasts more than 6 months ?

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    Epsons, many people swear by, especially the longevity of their photos. Evan made mention of the 100 and 200 years. I really think that is BS. 6 months trial, and they say it will last 200 years. OH, YES!!! ACCELERATED trials.
    Not BS. I have extensive training in marking technology. The Epson archival inks use pigments that are well proven to be light fast. The life trials aren't a test of the pigment fastness but of the compatibility of the ink with the papers and the life of the paper plus ink combination. Under most display conditions the paper will begin to fail before the pigment does. The question of light fastness only applies to the color inks as the black inks use carbon black. Carbon black has an infinite lifetime under display conditions. The most difficult ink color to produce is magenta and it has taken a long time to find a stable magenta pigment that can be used in an inkjet printer. Note that the stability of pigment inks is far greater than the stability of the dye based inks that are usually used in color inkjet printers as well as photography.

    Green and blue shade are produced with phtalocyanine based pigments which are a very stable ring structure. Magenta and yellow are often organic azo compounds which are much less stable which is why posters in the sun fade to blue after a time.

    Xerox pioneered the development of stable magenta inks using lithol rubine pigment for the first color copier, the Xerox 6500, which I worked on in the 70s. The technology is now well known and the challenge for Epson was to find a way to make the pigment particles small enough to squirt through an inkjet nozzle reliably.
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      I think partially due to the seemingly impressive 'laser quality' print, many folks have abandoned the tried and true dot matrix printers in favor of ink jet. I have a nice color photo printer but I do not waste it for day-to-day text printing. My work horse is an old Panasonic KX P2624 wide format 24 pin dot matrix with an endless ribbon cartridge, easy to reink and no mess. This quiet printer at ~38lb is packed with sound attenuation fibre, and can feed from the top, back or bottom. It also can feed single sheet for letterhead or special forms, but for our purposes, we set it on 'Draft', and, use tractor feed laser cut fan-fold box paper 'cause it is cheap, maintenance free, easy to load and no jams. Also it will do multi-part forms. When the ribbon is finally beat to a frazzle, replacements are ~$6.25.

      Having personally crossed the threshhold into the age of antiquity, I'm not ready to sacrifice a fully functional, working, dependable machine for a fickle disposable printer soooo dependent on expensive consumables.