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OT- Does anyone make an inkjet printer than lasts more than 6 months ?

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  • OT- Does anyone make an inkjet printer than lasts more than 6 months ?

    My last two only lasted about that long before screwing up....Epson with dried up inkjets so bad nothing would unclog them and now HP Deskjet 5440 which misfeeds so bad as to be unusable. I might try cleaning the rollers but they are nearly impossible to get to and the misfeeding is so horrible I can't imagine the problem being due to just that. No scraps of paper stuck anywhere...just a POS I guess.

    How long is the warranty on these things...6 months ?

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    6 months? Are they supposed to last that long?

    I'm sitting next to a Lexmark POS model 7100 "all in one" that was free with our last computer. The $^#&$^ thing has a driver which is programmed to send a "usage" report, via the internet, to some data gathering site. It's nice to know that it keeps in touch with its "mother". In less than 6 months, the thing has developed an internal rat-a-tat-tat sound when it is operating. Scans show it so it must be a feed belt (beaded drive "rope")

    Best part of the deal was the very sturdy cardboard box it came in. The box has been used numerous times in moving stuff.

    On various HP inkjets, I've had good luck with medium cotton (think old sheet) pulled over my fingertip and wet with a blend of water / 99% isopropyl. Stick your fingers up into the drive and rub all the rubber wheels and the feed "foot". As long as you get to the right points AND rotate and repeat the action until the circumference has been done. This treatment lasts for months even with retriever fluff and ex-cockatiel powdery "dust".



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      Better question,does anyone make a printer where the cost of two cartridges doesn't exceed the cost of a new printer?

      They make paper shredders,do they also make printer shredders?
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        Originally posted by nheng
        6 months? Are they supposed to last that long?...
        That's sure the truth!!!
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          The HP feeds fine on thick glossy photo stock, but standard thickness paper, forget it...screws up every time. Maybe I can just find some cheap heavier stock paper....


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            If you are not photo driven, an inkjet makes very little sense compared to an inexpensive laser printer. Cost per page typically in the 1.5-2.2cents range including paper and they just sit there for years waiting to make the next print. Few inkjets can keep up with a cheap laser printer. In a pinch they will do an adequate gray scale photo, with a little tweaking by a photo massaging program the contrast ratio will be right as well. It is a rare inkjet that costs less than 5-6 cents per page and some are in the 8-10cents range (black with a dab of color). Print photos and the cartridges go up in smoke.


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              My son entered college this past fall. I equipped him with an HP laserjet and it was one of my wiser moves. One toner, even the "token" toners that come with the printer, last a good long time. If he needs color prints, he can find some babe down the hall


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                I like a canon inkjet printer and a refill kit.

                We have had good luck with them.


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                  I second Canon Inkjets. I wear one out about every 2 years. $120.00 AUD to replace. I also use aftermarket refills. Callidad brand. $15.00 for a double pack Black and $22.00 for a double pack Colour.




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                    I've had pretty good luck with Canon inkjets, but now use a laser printer. Seemed as how I was always having to refill one of the cartridges. My brother has had less luck and has been through several inkjets (all Canons). A few months ago the printhead clogged and he found that a replacement printhead cost as much as a new printer. He found a Canon on sale at a great price and bought it, only to get it home and find that - the printhead was defective. Called Canon and they agreed to send him a replacement print head. He then went back and bought a second printer (this one worked). Now he has a complete printer with printhead and cartridges as a spare that cost less than a set of cartridges. The printers are cheap - the cartridges are EXPENSIVE.

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                      How much & what you print.
                      I have a Epson 7600 24" that has been in daily use for 3+ years (pre press photo proofs and posters) printed thousands of feet of paper with out problems. But $$$.

                      If you need near photo quality but smaller size (8.5") and run some paper, look at a xerox phaser solid ink printer. Blazing fast compaired to ink jet, decent quality. I have 2 that each run close to 30,000 sheets of coated stock (gloss) a month.
                      decent prices out there, no maintence hassels like color lasers (been there )



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                        I have an Epson 1270 large format printer that I have been using for about 5 years. Still works. You can't let an Epson sit. It needs to be used regularly. The print heads are in the printer not the cartridge so if they dry up it is a serious problem.

                        I also have two HP 1210 3 in 1 machines. One is at my office and I use it every day to print handouts and invoices. It has been running for over two years. One $30 black ink cartridge lasts me for about one year.

                        You need to use decent paper. Don't buy the cheapest you can find or that is what you will get. I won't go into the details of paper but a simple way to determine quality is to look at the brightness spec. You want paper rated 92 or better. In general the higher the brightness the better the paper.

                        If all you are printing is info for shop use or file make sure you set the printer to "draft" quality. It will triple cartridge life at least.
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                          If you don't use the inkjet very often, keep the cartridge in a tupperware type container, with that little strip of plastci that came on it stuck back in place.

                          Get a laser? The ones that refuse to work after 6 months or so because the 80% full toner cartridge is "expired"?

                          You make me laugh..............

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                            Removing the cartridge is the worst thing to do with an Epson printer. That guarantees the print head will dry up in days. Using it is the only way to prevent clogging.

                            As for laser printers, nearly all of them come with a "starter" toner cartridge that usually contains much less ink than the regular replacement product.

                            The printer business is unlike most of the rest of the computer industry. No money is made on the sale of printers. They are often sold at or below cost. All the profit is in the supplies. If printer ink were in champagne bottles it would sell for over $1000 per bottle. It cost less than a dollar to make that bottle of ink and a bit more to package it. Even the cost of a new print head such as in an HP cartridge is no more than a couple of dollars at most.

                            It's an incredibly lucrative business for the printer manufacturers. I know what the true costs are because when I worked with Xerox I repaired every possible type of reprographic equipment including inkjet, color laser, wax transfer and thermal. We used supplies during maintenance that were costed in our parts budget at company cost, not retail cost. Markups of 1000% were the norm for retail price.
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                              I have a wide format HP deskjet that has been rocking along for about five years. Never had a problem with it. The drawback is the price of ink, but I am getting six to nine months of use out of them, and there is a lot of printing done here.

                              I have a cheaper HP for work, and it isn't near as good as my home unit. It jams up, smears ink every now and then, and goes through ink like a 747 does JP4.

                              I've not had very good luck with Canon printers. I also haven't had very good luck with Lexmark printers. We had used them at work, and both were a POS.
                              These may have been the particular models that we had, but this was the experience.

                              Anymore, this stuff is built to wear out so they can sell more of them to us. And if it doesn't break, then they rape us on the ink!
                              Why buy it for $2 when you can make it for $20