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  • Help w/Bridgeport reasembly

    Some of you may recall that I purchased a disassembled Bridgeport 2J earlier this summer. I've been slowly making preparations to put the knee back on the column. I've discovered that I'm apparently missing the bearing bushing for the elevating screw. Where's the best place to get replacement parts like this from? Also, the manual leaves a lot to be desired in the way of detail. In regards to the knee gib, which direction are the oil grooves on the gib supposed to face and is there supposed to be some sort of screw adjustment for this? I see a little groove in the gib but can't seem to determine if there's supposed to be a screw in here somewhere. Can someone post a closeup pic of how their gib looks in place if there is an adjustment? I'm also missing the "washer distance/spacer" and "knee binder plug" for the knee lock plunger. What's the purpose of these components and what happens if I don't put them back in? Should I try to get replacements?
    Thanks, I'd appreciate any help.

    Cadwiz in La

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    {{what happens if I don't put them back in? Should I try to get replacements?}} You should replace everything. Been too many years to describe without pictures. After the rebuild, you can raise the knee and lock it in well within .001, even in a 6-9" range for repeatibility. Sure someone has pictures.


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      Cadwiz-- I will work backward and hopefully not miss anything. I am on vacation and don't have parts or diagram in front of me, but mine has been apart for over a year and I feel like I know every part

      The plunger and spacer washer you are talking about are for the knee lock....something you want eventually, but they go in from a hole in the side of the knee and can be put in later. The spacer washer is so the caming action of the knee lock will indeed lock it. I would imagine you could fashion a spacer washer of the correct thickness to get it to bind. The plug is round with an angle on one end that matches the dovetail angle (around 50 degrees) It just wedges the gib in place to lock the knee.

      The oil groves (leading away from the oil hole) in the gib go toward the column dovetails and ensure that oil is spread evenly along the gib length.

      The gib does indeed have an adjusting screw. It is 1/4-28 as I recall and I made one replacement by making a sort of washer with a threaded hole, threading it to the top of a SHCS and soldering. You could buy as well.

      A place I have had good luck with is here:

      You call and you get to talk to one of the owners most of the time and they are in the machinery repair/millwright business instead of just selling parts so you can get good advice. I dealt with H of H&W (Henry Hendrix) and he was very knowledgable and helpful. Parts go out the same day.

      I have a more recent (UK version) BP manual I found on the web in .pdf form. That coupled with the older one I borrowed and scanned locally and you get two sorts of diagrams. It helps a bit, but I found as I did head re-assembly, details were hard to figure out even with both. A blow up of something with that many parts just can't show correct assembly order for everything. I took pictures of some stuff as I disassembled, too.

      good luck!
      Paul Carpenter
      Mapleton, IL


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        Thanks Paul (and Millman, although your response wasn't all that helpful, I do plan to replace what I can though but thanks for responding anyway).

        I was really starting to get irritated that nobody responded over the last two days. With all the hundreds of posts of HSM's rebuilding BP's and only two responses to a few simple questions, especially about where to get replacement parts? and yes I have done research, just wanted to know where everyone gets their parts. Anyway, all is well no hard feelings. After going through all the misc screws and bolts in a pile I figured out what the gib adjustments screws looked like, where they go, and I'm apparently missing one of those as well. Reading Kay Fisher's BP rebuild page I found High Quality Tools. And now thanks to Paul I'll try his recommendation for repair parts also.

        You know, it's one thing to take something apart and figure out what's broke and what needs replacing. It's a whole new ballgame when the thing in question is already dissasembled and you're not sure what goes where or if you're missing something. Even worse if you've never had or run the machine before.

        Anyway, I'm on the right track now and life is good again.

        Cadwiz in La


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          Must have misssed that part...

          just wanted to know where everyone gets their parts.
          Sorry for the late input, must have missed that part in the original post. I did read it, though I have never had to do anything to the knee, so I wasn't about to offer anything there. I have bought any replacement parts I have needed for Bridgeport from MSC. They have some, I would guess their "stock" items listed in their catalog, however they can get any part you need. Not that they are any better than anyone else, just offering another resource.

          Contact their machinery support division 1-800-331-1110.
          Paying Attention Is Not That Expensive.