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quorn too cutter and grinder Kit

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  • quorn too cutter and grinder Kit

    I am hoping that somone can help me locate a kit to build the quorn cutter and grinder. I would like to get domestic if possible but I would go outside the USA. I found a place in Australia ( http;// but i get no response Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Vincent Ricci

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    There's a Yahoo group for Quorn aficionados. Take a look at

    Lots of info in the files section there, but not much forum activity lately. Sources for castings were discussed in months past and should still be available in the forum archives.
    Mike Henry near Chicago


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      All of the castings are available from England. If you are going to build it I suggest the hardcover book on building the Quorn to help retain your sanity (and lots of scrap)



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        A friend bought the castings a few years ago and built a fine machine. But he found a lot of hard spots and inclusions and threw out several of the castings and made the parts from dura-bar. He strongly advises to forget the castings and make your own. Your parts may not have the same level of smooth, round corners, unless you like to file a lot, but they will likley work even better. There is no part of a Quorn that needs to be cast.
        ron ginger