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OT: Where does "Mohaska" come from ?

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  • OT: Where does "Mohaska" come from ?

    In the movie the "Untouchable's", Sean Connery taps Kevin Costner on the chest and asks him "Why the mohaska" referring to his gun in his shoulder holster. Anybody know where this comes from?

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    Its gotta be indian --- to try and figure stuff like that out i just try and use it in a sentance --- example ----- "I shot the Katonka with my Mohaska"


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      Not the gun. The style of holster.


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        " I pulled my fireweapon from its Mohaska and sent the Katonka spirit packing"

        Its gotta be indian...


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          I googled it and the term is from the 1920's for a gun - there are some modern holsters with the same name. No idea where it came from but the OED may help (if anyone has a subscription).


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            Interesting research.

            The name is a spelling variation which includes Mahushkah, Mohaska, Mohoska and Mahaske. It was the formal name of the Chief of the Ioway Nations and means "White Cloud or White Thunder". The Sioux tribes were known as fierce fighters. The Sioux Nation was very large and the Chief of that nation was considered the fiercest of all. It was in part a large force of Sioux that wiped out Custer and his men.

            The name Mohaska became slang for not only a gun but also another symbol of male power, the penis. It is also used in other languages, especially German. The only formal record of his name in writing that I can find is in the text of a treaty in which Mohoska (White Cloud) is named as one of the signatories.


            There does exist a picture of him if the reference I found is correct.

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              "The name Mohaska became slang for not only a gun but also another symbol of male power, the penis."

              Example; after the hunt and half way through the sacred dance i pulled out my Mohaska and shook it violently in the direction of the elders to show them that not only did hunting excite me but that also my powers were strong, the peace pipe was smoked and much pomegranate wine was drank, I awoke the next morning and laying beside me was the chiefs daughter and although this is concidered to be a great honor the vision of what took place eludes me except for the way my mohaska felt like i rode the fastest war horse bareback for many many miles...