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  • Another Mill ID request

    Anyone know what I have here? I recently became the owner of this horizontal mill and I have no real idea what it is. It is certainly an import of some sort, but I kept remarking to myself that some things about it sure looked much better made than most Chicom stuff.

    The power feed motor says ASEA on it and indicates that it was made in Spain. I saw the name MyGy on the label and began to wonder if it was really something like M y G, which in my limited knowledge of Spanish would translate to M & G.

    A quick web search of the dealer name turned up nothing, so I am guessing they are out of business, but I have not yet tried calling the number.

    While it seems reasonably well made, after I cleaned it using Castrol degreaser and water (which removed most of a previous repaint as you can see in the pictures), I found what appears to be some sort of infill material in the saddle casting as well as the colun ways. It did not surface rust the way the rest of the casting did. The rust wiped right off the rest, but the staining still leaves the infill obvious. It is magnetic. I was guessing this was a sign of a casting repair, but I also wondered if it stemmed from being made from unknown scrap and was a sign of a poor melt and odd materials.
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    help me out if you can. It may be a decent piece of machinery when I get it back together, but it probably merits some more cleaning and a repaint now

    Paul Carpenter
    Mapleton, IL

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    No real clue, but it looks interesting.

    A universal mill, apparently, looking at the table bottom laying on the two-wheeler. That can be handy for some things, helical gears etc. I like it.

    Enterprise Machine Tools sounds like an importer, I wonder if they are any relation to the "Enterprise" lathe folks?

    What does the bevel gear I see sticking up do?

    Keep eye on ball.
    Hashim Khan


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      The bevel gear is the drive for the power table feed. You cannot see the feed motor and gearbox mounted on the right side of the knee in the picture. The gearbox looks like one of the really old, heavy Bridgeport table feed boxes with a big motor hanging off the back and a series of slots for the control lever to drop into for various feeds. Here, however, the feed box is mounted to the saddle and drives a set of gears in the saddle ending at that gear you see sticking up. If you follow the link to the image that shows the infill stuff I was talking about, you may be able to see the gears better.

      The table does indeed pivot and so it may be a really useful machine. I always thought of a universal mill as something like the big Xlo machine they have in the shop downstairs here at Bradley U. It is both a vertical and horzontal machine by virtue of the head rotation abilities, but in any case, this one does have a pivoting table.

      Regarding the "enterprise" thing....funny you should ask. The HS shop this came out of has several lathes that say "Enterprise" on them (cast into the base) and also have a logo that appears to be MK....and also have the same "enterprise machine tools" dealer labels on them. Was trying to figure out what the lathes were....maybe the same sort of deal. I am thinking an older import of some sort from some unknown country that actually got the dealer's name on them...sort of like Grizzly.
      Paul Carpenter
      Mapleton, IL


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        The name is not familiar. But if that logo is a sphinx, could that be a clue as to country of origin?
        Jim H.


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          Well...I may be stretching things to tie stuff together, but I did some more searching, this time searching on enterprise lathe instead of enterprise mill.

          I got a couple hits including a couple on Ebay. One is a direct match for the lathes in this high school shop. The other is clearly made by the same company and has "Indian" cast above the word "enterprise" in the base....which probably means it was made in India if I were guessing. This add also seems to indicate what M K on the logo stands for.

          So....I am guessing they bought some lathes and a mill from an importer of Indian machine tools some years back. A hit on the PM site suggested that the lathes were not so hot, but the "newer" ones were pretty good.???
          Paul Carpenter
          Mapleton, IL