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    I have some solid carbide end mills, inserts and other stuff I want to give away. I would like to keep this as simple as possible, I intend to make a chronologic list of those who respond, send the package to the first person that responded, that person will take what they can use and send it on to the second person, and so on. Any thoughts on making this work smoothly ? The endmills are .375" -.125". The inserts are mostly CCxx .375" IC and will be in a medium flat rate box.

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm interested and I'll abide by the rules you set forth.


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      Ok, I'll bite. There are a few items in there I could make some use of. Please put me in the queue at whatever turn and let me know how to proceed. Nice idea really, thanks.


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        That is kind of you
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          I would take what ever I am in line for. Let me know about the shipping.


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            I could use a few of those items.
            Kansas City area


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              Please add Me to the list.
              mark costello-Low speed steel


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                Well done stu, a very kind gesture ( I’m not a recipient btw!) nice to see someone sharing with friends ( yes I know we argue but I think we’re all friends, we have to be we're the last of a dying race I think,)


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                  OK, I will bite. And agree to your rules. A PM with my address is on the way.
                  Paul A.
                  Golden Triangle, SE Texas

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                    I'll bite


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                      Fishing contest now?
                      Helder Ferreira
                      Setubal, Portugal


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                        Don't want a spot on the list because I'm fairly well set up at the moment, but want to say thanks for such and kind and generous act for the members. You lurkers out there.....join up and post!
                        located in Toronto Ontario


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                          I admire your creativity and generosity. Nice way to divest yourself of unneeded items. Way better than the dumpster route.


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                            List of rules:


                            I was going to suggest how much each person should take, but I’m not going to. Gifts should not have conditions. I would just like to see people get some use out of them and not sit in a drawer collecting dust, which is why I’m doing this in the first place. So use your own judgement.

                            Some practical suggestions:

                            PM the next person on the list to get addresses and see if they are still interested in what is left. USPS medium flat rate box shipping is $17.50 (I couldn’t fit all of it in a small). I will pay the first one and each recipient would pay to send to the next. Eventually it will fit into a small flat rate.

                            If the list runs out and there are still things left the last person could repost it on the forum and generate a new list or send it back through the original list for a second go round. You guys are smart, you’ll figure something out.

                            I’ll probably be sending the box out on Monday the 25th

                            Feel free to add a thing or two from your own surplus.
                            It’s good Karma!


                            Last edited by Stu; 09-19-2023, 07:06 PM.


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                              Stu, add me to your list. I don't think I need anything, but I have some surplus I can add to the HSM Traveling Box of Tooling.