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Anyone own a Grizzly G0554? Victor 1440B?

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  • Anyone own a Grizzly G0554? Victor 1440B?

    Anyone own a Grizzly G0554 that would care to share their experience with the machine? (yes I searched the archives here and at PM, sorting through all 949 of them that had references to Victor or Grizzly machines). Any Victor 1440B owners as well? These are two lathes that I am considering purchasing. I found a lot of reference to Grizzy 13 x 40's but not the 0554. Thanks.

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    I thought real hard about ordering the Grizzly 14x40. I saw a couple of reviews and they were generally pretty good. But by the time you add a taper attachment and collet closer to it, you are up into some real money for it.. The other thing that I did not like about it is the small 1.5 inch spindle bore (not much bigger than my old 10 inch southbend). A lathe this size can really benefit from a D1-6 spindle with a 2.25 inch bore. For less than half of what they wanted for the Griz with accessories, I found a nice Clausing Colchester 15x50. It came with everything the Griz had plus I don't have to switch change gears to go from metric to inch threading. It also came with real chucks instead of the chicom make do chucks (you make do with it until you can afford to buy a good one). I think that when you are looking at a lathe of that size and price range, you can do a whole lot better with a gently used older machine.