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  • First "serious" project

    Hi guys.

    Well, after having spent some time getting used to my new lathe and bending everyone's ears in here. I finally got around to actually MAKING something useful.

    Below you will find a link to a picture of a Tap Guide, my first project.
    Its made of mild steel.4" long from the tip of the spring loaded plunger to the end of the shank.

    I thought about threading the lower body to hold the plunger and spring in place, but, instead, decided to thread the shank into the main body instead.

    Nothing anywhere near as good as you guys can do I am sure. But, i'm pleased with it.

    Once again. thanks for all your help in the past
    Just cause it works, don't mean you can't improve it

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    Well, it's certainly nice enough to show the picture right here.

    Maybe you could post a picture of it in use, too?
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      Fine work. Simple and useful...that's the only way. I think you may have polished on it too long.


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        Very nice.

        Now you need to shorten all the handles on your tap holders to fit your lathe swing, put a nice knurl on the ends, etc. etc. There is no end to it you know.


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          great sense of accomplishment in making stuff yourself isn't there? looks good, but i must be missing the obvious - how is it used?


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            Chuck in tailstock and use it to push tap held in tap wrench into work straight. The pin is spring loaded.

            Nice job too. I will have to put that on my list. I need a longer piece of paper.
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              That'll do just fine,Nice.


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                dimensions and other details?

                Looks great Bill! If it's 4" long, that would put the shank at 3/8" in diameter, the body at 1/2" and the plunger around 3/16" right? What kind of spring did you use on the inside. Could you give us a sketch showing the guts of it? Great job.

                Stuart de Haro


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                  I will have to put that on my list. I need a longer piece of paper.
                  Sorry Evan paper won't do youll need some mild steel paper will simply not be strong enough Alistair
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                    Nice job!

                    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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                      Very nice work! If this is a 'first' project, then you are way ahead of the learning curve!
                      Why buy it for $2 when you can make it for $20


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                        Tap Guide

                        Hi again guys.

                        Thanks for all your kind words, they make a newbie like me feel even more pleased with his meagre achievements.

                        Just for the record Millman, I didn't polish on it too long, as you suggested.Though I will admit it does look that way.
                        I merely gave it a quick going over with three grades of Scotchbrite.

                        The excessive shine on it is from the light of my flatbed scanner.
                        (I don't, as yet, have a digital camera as my finances are a little limited right now. Being unemployed as I am)

                        I did think about putting a knurl on it, as I do have a knurling tool. However, I haven't taken the time to get used to using that tool yet. So, rather than run the risk of screwing this up...

                        Now comes confession time...

                        The spring I used on this, actually came from an old ballpoint pen. Not overly strong, but it seems to do the job well enough. (How cheapskate is THAT?)

                        The overall length is 96mm, the shank is 30mm long and 10mm in Dia and threaded to M6 The main body is 45 mm long and 14mm in Dia and threaded to accept the shank.
                        While the plunger is 26mm long and 4mm Dia.

                        Below is an exploded view


                        Just cause it works, don't mean you can't improve it


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                          I can't believe your first project is a "serious" one. I thought the purpose of homeshop machines was to make toys, I mean er, tools. Yeah, thats it.

                          Just kidding and congratulations.
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                            Thanks for the exploded view. That helps a lot!

                            Stuart de Haro


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                              Looks good! Thanks for the exploded pic. I'll be making one of those.