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    does anyone have plans for a home made milling machine

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    Sorry, I have no plans. The only way to get my plans is to have my head examined, which my wife thinks is a good idea. I declined.
    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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      Join the multimachine group on Yahoo. It is a fairly active group with online plans about building a lathe or mill using old engine blocks. Some of the members are missionaries who are trying to help people in the third world service and build water well pumps so that they will not have to drink contaminated water. They have an 80 something page pdf that the group is editing and are starting to translate into different languages. I have used the prototype and it is at least as accurate as some of the junk being imported from china, and this was actually built with stuff from the junkpile. While you are not going to build a Bridgeport, you will make chips and have fun in the process.


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        Milling machines....

        Search the archives here for an article in HSM by G. A. Ewen about building the "Engine Mill" from a recycled 4 cyl. engine block....Mine's about half done after a year of "spare", spare time fiddling....It's been fun &I couldn't find a BenchMaster or Atlas horiz. mill in BC for cheap.
        Anything that was available was either waaay to big or too small.
        I want to cut gears & sprockets with it/ them.
        Half the fun is in the building & set-up.


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          Check out the Gingery series. It's available from Lindsay Books. It's a good read whether or not you build the machines.


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            HSM did a good article on a Horizontal Milling and Boring machine in Jan/Feb,
            March/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug & Sep/Oct issues 2001.

            Woking Precision in the UK sells plans and castings for the old ME "Westbury"
            vertical Mill.

            Regards GRH


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              building a mill

              I think you would have much to gain by conferring with this fellow. A link to a thread he started is below.