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O.T. ear hair, what to do?

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  • O.T. ear hair, what to do?

    Im getting sick of the amount of ear hair thats accumulating on my ears, i dont mind the light fluffy stuff but im getting some major roots growing and i will not become one of those guys that has an ear beard (i still like to chase the young babes once in awhile)
    For the most part my medicine cabnet contains a bic lighter, press down on the butane lever and fill ear -- then ignite,,, this is whats got me by for over a decade now, , these bigger hairs wont burn off and i need a permanent fix ------ im thinking about zapping them with house current and a needle just like they do with that electrolisis crap, I could totally insulate everything except the tip of the needle and use the tip to go down to the hair root and throw the switch,,, the other wall tap would go to my ear lobe with conductive grease so the volts wont be going through my chest or anything,,, what do you guys think? will i need to get a transformer and bump up the volts, what about a nice little start capacitor? this is no joke... its going down , help me do it right...

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    AK...a very funny read!
    I'm petrified of ear hair ...did you know that people with lots of ear hair are more prone to heart attacks than those without?
    Some study I read about years ago came up with this amazing factoid.
    I do like your butane explosion method.
    Driving past some IED's comes to mind...or fill your ears full of white carpenters glue, insert a stick, let the glue dry then yank the whole works out.
    What about the hot wax and cloth strips that the wimmin use?
    I have tools I don't even know I own...


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      Quote, "I'm petrified of ear hair ...did you know that people with lots of ear hair are more prone to heart attacks than those without?"

      Dude, if that were true there would not be an italian man left on the planet (and even some of the women --- oops sorry grandma)
      Torker, in all seriousness, what do you think of the plan?


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        I think you're nuts But then again...I'm scared chitless of hot electrical wires wrapped around my noodle.
        I have tools I don't even know I own...


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          To get a good finish you really should use a reamer. Stop when you meet very much resistance.
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            Haaaa, that is great. I say hook it up to 220vac just to make sure. Also, please has your survivor take the video and post it here..

            I am having the problem with nose hair speaking of hair. The little buggers are starting to come out white. So I usually rotor ruter the hairs outta there. Problem is when they are growin back some are white and look like a bugger dangling. I'm having to get in there and rotor them out more often. Whatta pain. JRouche
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              I'm 36 and started to get ear and nose hair around age 30. It was so embarrassing since a co-worker pointed it out. I ran out that day and bought an ear and nose trimer but it's a pain. The spindle speed is too low since it runs on a single AA battery. What about attaching the cutting head to a dremel attached to a 5 axis setup and doing the whole thing CNC. With live tooling the dremel could swing out of the way so a high speed electric razor could give me a shave (I also hate shaving, I don't get a 5 o'clock shadow, mine is a 1 o'clock shadow !). A misting nozzle could apply the after shave lotion in a very even and consistent manner provided the tool path was optimized.


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                Get one of those electric fly swatters that Harbor Freight advertises for $2.99. Sub $3 electric flyswatters always inspire confidence in my tool vendors for me. Wire up a mini din headphone plug to the zapper in it and go to town. When those nasty old hairs short out across the terminals, they will be the least of your worries.


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                  "...people with lots of ear hair are more prone to heart attacks than those without?"

                  Makes sense. If you're prone to heart attacks, you might have problems with blood circulation elsewhere. The ear hair is the body's way of keeping the ear warm when the circulation of blood isn't up to par.

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                    Get bigger headphones for your walkman.


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                      Unwanted ear hair? Well, make it a fashion statement: braid it, gell it and spike it, or how about a couple of ear mini pony tails set off with colorful yarn. Decorate it with tiny bells and little nesting birds.

                      Sneer at those without make them envious.

                      Casually hang your dinner fork in your ear hair while temporatily occupied with corn on he cob.

                      Why curse the darkness. Stuff your ear hair back in until it's saturated with wax then ignite it for a candle.

                      Make mascots. Rat your ear hair up to make a couple of fluffy tufts, shape them into a warm fuzzy animals, and add little beady eyes. Give them names. Then reference them from time to time to bring them into conversation with strangers. Mediate their quarrels while riding in a bus.

                      Braid your ear hair into your eyebrows. Your nostrils too if there is enough to do so tastefully.

                      Use it to hold your hat on in a wind.

                      If a stranger volunteers a comment on your ear hair offer to show them the hair on your a$$ while rapidly doffing your britches. Safe bet. He won't stiick around to look.

                      There's lots an imaginative man can do if over-supplied with nature's bounty.
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                        So you have hair in excess round your lugs eh well it just so happens my sister stilll needs a toupee so why not have her min oh no forget it it would be too costly the national health would never wear it or you for that matter.Alistair
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                          Use a welder and an Ice pick for all I care,Just crank it up high please.
                          This has got to be the most ridiculous topic ever.


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                            OT ear hair

                            You need a torch. You shine the torch into one ear so someone can trim the hair in other one.

                            You can then use the hair to replace that lost on your sporran from brushing the dandruff from your 'ghillies'
                            A Gruesome business, I believe

                            Anyway, Alistair, I thought that you would know that.



                            Iowolf, this is highly technical stuff- and the start of a lot of Scottish jokes.
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                              I think it's a silly idea. Applying electricity in such a crude and cavalier fashion is sure to end in injury. It's sure to cause you even worse problems in the future.

                              Some of those hairs are likely the really thick variety. Some of mine snap when the barber was clipping them out one at a time. If your experiment fails, and I thinnk it will, you run the risk of not getting all the root. Should that happen they come back even stronger/thicker then before. It is entirely possible one of two of them may be aimed at the opposing side of the ear canal. This can cause them to imbed on the other side of your ear causing a bridge affect. It will cause you great discomfort and make you nuts until they reach the length where you can start dressing them out of the ear canal and on over your shoulders. After that, I agree Forest had the best idea. With enough of us baby boomers on the planet with dread-naughts and braids gracefully flowing out of our ears it wouldn't take long and we'll be the envy of everyone with nose, tongue and ear piercings. I don't think you shoud mess with it.

                              Will they take hair dye? Blaze red is popular with the youth these days. Would make an awesome fashion statement. Come to think about it, might make some other statements as well
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