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  • OT-What I did today

    Not dial up friendly, wait for pic to load.

    ah heck, heres some more pics I took today.

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    Still trying to wipe the smile off your face??
    Where was that at?
    I got to ride on the footplate of a little steam train at a museum in Manchester UK once. I'll try to find the pics.




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      ...............Backheads weren't very tidy, were they? That engineer would have to be carefull which handle he grabbed from the position of that airbrake pedestal :-)

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        Makes drivin a double clutchin thruck look like childs play.... What a rig, hats off to the folks who can, and still do operate those mighty engines. Thanks for the photos...JRouche
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          Very cool pics Bill. You really should resize them down and apply some compression. Not only are they not dialup friendly they are slow even on my semi high speed satellite. Also, since every time they are viewed it is using nearly three megs from your hosting service you could end up hitting your bandwidth cap. A lot of people lurk on the board.
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            Must be a UK model, it's RH drive

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              very cool!

              when i was smaller i used to go to the train yard with my dad, those things are massive! it would be awsome to see someone try to restore one of those


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                26 Brake valve ??

                I see the 'ol girl has some updating, the 26 brake valve looks a little out of place in there.

                I suppose parts are scarce for the old stuff, did it ever have #24 stand, is the rotair valve and such still there?

                I "may" be able to locate a #4 or a #24 stand for her if your interested.

                I really liked the good old manual lap type of brake, back when the Engineer still had control.
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                  Nice! Is that the B&O Museum in Baltimore? Where they had the big roof collapse a couple years ago?

                  What's the tennis ball for?


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                    I just resized them, should be more friendly.
                    Norman, You obviously know more about steam loco's than I do. That locomotive is a Canadian National, they used steam for a little longer than did the USA. Now that I look at the picture some more, I realise what you are talking about, it looks like a diesel brake stand!
                    This was from Steam Town, National historic site in Scranton, Pennsylvannia. It is a National Park. Norman if you have parts, the Volunteers would be very very very happy to talk to you. I have contacts with one who is a payed employee over there.
                    The cab ride only lasted 30 minutes, I wish it was a couple of hours, I had to sign a release saying I wouldnt sue if I got hurt. El-ninio, that is what this park does, they restore locomotives. However they have so few machinists working there it will take a very long time. The guy I know from one of the live steam forums works there, he is the only one working on the Canadian Pacific locomotive. 2 years ago it was being sandblasted and readied to go. Unfortunetly has they sand blasted it, they noticed cracks around the fire box. Now the ETA is 2010!!! There is a giant machine shop there, I've posted pictures there long time ago on this forum.
                    I do not know what the tennis ball is for, infact I didnt even realise it was there until after I got home and looked at the pictures.


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                      Steam town. I thought that those shots reminded me of something.

                      I enjoyed that place so much. It was a nice vacation.
                      They ran the turntable, and moved stuff around all day.

                      If you have time, go see this place.

                      Glad you had fun Bill.

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                        Is a very nice site about a locomotive restoration project, and the locomotives subsequent use. Pretty impressive stuff.

                        Son of the silver stream ..... Bullet caster.


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                          I would say the tennis ball is so you don't take a divot out of your forehead when you stand up from the seat.
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                            to Billh


                            I don't have the brake equipment, I do however know where there is a large amount of early 1900's junk laying about in a building on R.R. property.

                            I got a steam pump from there some years ago for a friend, I'm thinking that the stuff is still there, knowing the R.R they don't spend much on cleaning up such things.

                            I might add I am a 31 year vet at railroading, ( Engineer ) that's how I know about this building, and the air brake system. I will get down there and have a look.

                            Oh yeah; that tennis ball is for saving ones head from banging into that projection. I have been banged around in the old GG-1s quite a bit, they were tight, but the framing structure is a little hard to cover with tennis balls.
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                            If it's not broken, why do I keep trying to fix it....


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                              Thanks for posting that Bill,one more item added to my things to do places to see list.
                              I just need one more tool,just one!