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  • pen turning plan

    looking for a pen mandrel dimensions my son would like to try turning pens and id love to make the mandrel and bushings for him

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    I think you may some help here:
    please visit my webpage:


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      Look here too.

      I purchased (well, specified it as a Christmas gift - my wife purchased it) the #PKM-ELC mandrel. It is essentially piece of a 6mm drill rod, threaded to accept a knurled brass nut on the end, and held in a collet chuck on the other end. It also comes with some spacer bushings.

      I haven't used it yet as I am still in the process of moving and setting up the shop.

      It is called a 7mm mandrel because the blank is drilled 7mm and a 7 mm brass tube with a 6mm i.d. is glued in the blank. The the brass tube fits on the mandrel.

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        Different pen and pencil kits the bits and pieces are put together for different sized mandels. First thing is pick a style po pen or pencil parts you want and then find out what sized mandel you want. The two sites already given are good.
        here are a couple more.

        You will also need a couple of other items. but you should be able to find the infoamtion in the aboves pages.
        you can download the instuctions and see what size you need. the pen/parts press is handy to have if you are planning to make more than a couple pens.
        but you can use a drill press and blocks of wood with v nothch cut in it or a ve block if you pad the faces.
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          Pen Mandrel / Drill bits

          I have made over a hundered 7mm pen/pencil sets over the years on my 7x 10 grizzly. Use a piece of 1/4 in drill rod thread one end 1/4- 20 then place a nut and washer on it. Center drill the same end. Hold the other end in the chuck . Or better yet a collet. make the bushings from 5/16 drill rod 3/8 -3/4 long. Also MSC carries metric drill bits I like the brad point for wood and parabolic for plastic(Corian). I Bought my first mandrel and bushings from woodcraft then made a couple sets myself. Piece of cake good luck. The tube is actualy a stange size 6.79 mm (.267 in) OD and 6.30 mm (.249 in) ID so you may have to take a little silicon carbide paper or make a lap to bring the drill rod diameter down a couple of thousands.
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