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Remember my structural/engineering question?

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  • Remember my structural/engineering question?

    Well I just finished with my custom home builder friend.

    He said that the 3 LVL beams that I have their already are sufficient to carry the load. But he said to be extra safe, I can add an extra LVL for about $70 bucks plus the cost of half inch bolts ( to help maintain "stiffness")

    The foundation and the pad where the other post are way more than ok to carry the loads. The post on the other end is also rated more than enough to carry the load.

    He made the comment that it seems engineeered as if not to have the pole there to begin with.

    I am going to add another LVL beam to be on the safe side.
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    Perhaps the pole was added to just take out some bounce?
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      Thats what I am going with also, hence adding the extra beam.

      I feel lucky that what I wanted to do is working out for me as opposed to going the other way.

      I must say that the home was a custom build in 2000 so being newer probably also helped