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    This Saturday I went to the Old Engine Show in Buckley Michigan. What a bunch of good sights and sounds, even the air was full of coal and wood smoke. The sight of the old steam engines and related farm equipment were fantastic. They had hay bailers, saw mills, shingle mill, bowl making machines all doing the tasks they were made to do. Things have come a long way in just a short lenght of time. A real nice day well spent.

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    And you took pictures, right?


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      Steam Shows

      Similar type show for anyone in the Toronto area......labour day,,


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        A week ago I went to The Northern Illinois Steam Power Clubs annual steam show. This was the first time I have been there, expected to see a few steam tractors maybe some hit-n-miss engines.
        Well I got there just in time to see a parade of over 50 steam tractors heading out to a field to play in the mud. In another field was bunches of hit-n-miss engines. Standing in the mist of them as they are all hitting and missing is quite an interesting ear full. There was also a stationary 250 HP corliss engine that was running.
        Was quite a show "much" more then I expected, will have to go back again next year.


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          Did they blow all 50 steam whistles at noon? They do that at most of the shows.
          Jim H.


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            Oh yes!!!! Everything that was capable of tooting, was tooting.