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    Originally posted by JCHannum
    On the subject of the key in the R8 spindle. It has two purposes.

    One is to hold the collet in place while tightening the draw bar.

    The other is to shear and jam the collet or damage the spindle.

    The key is not for driving the collet. The collet is driven by the friction of the taper in the seat. The best advice concerning those keys is to remove them before they cause damage.
    I second that,throw it away,the only purpose it has is to allow you to unscrew the drawbar if the threads happen to have some goo in them.

    If you have a mixed breed set of collets like I do you will find that not all collets have the same width key slot,that makes getting them in and out a PITA.

    The "key" is nothing more than a dog point setscrew and it's basically useless in terms of driving torque.
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      Originally posted by japcas
      I have a question about the upper half of the spindle bore that is straight. How do you regrind it without making it oversize? It looks as though this would cause runout in the collet. I do know that you are "just cleaning it up" but to do that some metal has to be remove although it is a small amount.
      That straight section isn't a register,the spindle is actually .001-.0015"oversized at the point to facilitate easy collet installation and removal.Everything is located and accomplished by the taper.That is where the accuracy of the system comes into play.

      It wouldn't matter if that section had damage,so long as there was nothing to interfere with the collet pulling up straight.

      Oh,I might also add that the number one cause of R-8 damage is running things like fly cutters and those Holex rigs that are too big.Once you get much over 4" in diameter with a cutter your pushing it with an R-8 spindle.
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      I just need one more tool,just one!