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Practical down again?

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  • Practical down again?

    A-gain [ best Forrest Gump voice ]

    Don't know if it's uphill from there to here in the UK but that site has been getting slower and slower until now it's stopped.

    There was even a thread on it about a week ago where others were saying how slow it had got.

    I know Don has to make it pay but since he signed up with American Machinist and the adverts it's just got worse.

    Anyone else having problems ?


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    I can't access it either. I'd just registered on that yesterday.
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      It comes and goes, and Don keeps saying he doesn't have any problems. It is saying gateway timeout right now.

      It has been getting increasingly slower, and not always predictably. Sometimes it will open OK, and then take an eternity to go to another thread.

      There are apparently also some ads in the banners that are causing problems, and I have had it lock up at times or have to try opening it a couple of times.

      I have gotten to the point that I look for a bit and finally leave it when it began taking too long.
      Jim H.


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        There goes the neighborhood.


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          Its been down for me since Sat am, NZ time.


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            It died last night, suddenly, as if someone pulled the plug. The server computer is still there and answering a ping request so it seems that the BBS software has been taken offline.

            Heh. I wonder if it will end up looking like this BBS?
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              Ahh good to see the Practical Machinist backup forums are online and ready to serve...



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                This morning PM is still refusing connections, same as last night.

                Keep eye on ball.
                Hashim Khan


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                  It not only PM thats slowing down or not opening. It seems like more and more the sites are taking for ever to open some over 30 seconds and time out on the firefox ticker. Even with this high speed Comsucks connection. Could it be that the only way to clear up this problem is if they start charging. Portal fees to access the sites? some of the talking heads on a news channel where making noise about the lack of a way to charge for the internet again by some companies or people.
                  Or could it be hack attacks we don't hear about?
                  Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
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                    That's what happens when the poor old 386 based server in the back corner also has to control a CNC machine at the same time

                    Just joking of course, Don. Hope the site is back up real quick. It's the best site out there where you can get your machining or business questions answered but with an open ear toward HSM'ers. Den


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                      Don was toying with the idea of changing the logo from a Cataract lathe to something else because"it gives the HSM crowd a warm fuzzy feeling" so maybe that's it.

                      If your reading this Don I would like to suggest a "CNC Diving rod "for the new logo,seems fitting somehow
                      I just need one more tool,just one!


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                        I was getting 'page not found' error page last night, but was getting the same thing on Google as well, so assumed it a problem with my ISP somehow. But now see Google is working but PM is not, plus the chit chat here confirms it's not working for anyone, so have contacted the web host and waiting on further info from them.

                        I still don't have the first email from anyone telling me it's down, so this site is helpful in letting me know it's sure enough down for everyone....thanks guys !


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                          Nice to have confirmation that it's not just my computer, or ISP.


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                            Web host says they fixed it, but for me at least, instead of 'page not found' I'm getting an eternal 'opening page' situation....but it never actually opens the page.

                            Is PM working for anyone else here, or are you guys getting a stuck 'opening page' situation as well ?

                            (as an aside, it's a miracle I'm here to deal with this, as I was supposed to be out of town right now taking my son to the NC School of the Arts, 300 miles away, when at the last minute SWMBO decided they had leave a day early !)
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                              Not working for me yet