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O/T Look what came by the shop today - the Buscycle!

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  • O/T Look what came by the shop today - the Buscycle!

    Not without metalworking content, but still my first ever off-topic post anywhere - I simply can't resist telling everyone that the Buscycle came right past our roll-up door where we take our lunch break. Eyes came out on stalks, and all our staff and customers said it was the coolest thing they'd seen in an age. We had no time to take our own photos, but if you'd like a little treat, go here:

    Now, it may not be news to everybody, but none of us was prepared, that's for sure.

    Check out for the full story

    Frank Ford

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    Looks pretty cool but I'm getting Quicktime errors, saying the software required isn't installed on my computer and it isn't available on the Quicktime servers either... anyone else having problems viewing the vid?


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      Same thing happened to me,went to the Quicktime website and upgraded to the latest version and everything works the way its supposed to.
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        Ditto on the error messages.
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          It's cool, worked for me.


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            I couldn't open it either. Unknown file.
            It's only ink and paper


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              I sincerely believe anyone who uses Quicktime to make videos should be stabbed in the neck with a rusty pitchfork... Such a huge filesize for such a crappy video quality, and you can't even make it go full screen.

              I'll try updating my Craptime player and try again, thanks Willy for mentioning that!


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                fuel gets any pricier that might be the future of public transportation.


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                  Bar Bike

                  I can't play the file either, but I'll bet it's not as much fun as one of these:


                  8 people on each side of the bar, plus a barman. Each 'customer' has pedals, so (at the start of the journey at least) the thing makes progress.

                  All of the gear, no idea...