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XP problem, need help

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  • XP problem, need help

    I am on my in laws computer and they wanted me to fix how slow thier computer is.

    Well, its running on XP service pack 1, so in trying to update it to service pack 2 i am getting a error saying "control ID not found"

    do a little research and MS says to disable Etrust software. I cannot find Etrust anywhere on this computer. Its not in programs, I couldnt find it in Regedit. I do a search and I find some registry keys for it, but really dont want to mess with those.

    I can update IE because XP needs to be service pack 2.

    They are older and like to keep what they know, etc.

    I tried google search, but just about all the websites took me to MS help which tells me to disable the etrust software/

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    Etrust is a Computer Associates product. You might want to check the programs folder for Computer Associates or control panel, add/remove programs for the same.


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      Have you tried running msconfig and seeing if it is under the startup tab?


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        A quick newsgroup search turned up a similar problem and Etrust was not installed on the machine having the XP problem.

        In your case however, the existence of the registry keys implies that the program, part of it, or some related product or demo may have resided there at one time.


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          Have done the msconfig and its clear and Computer Assoc. is not on the program list or in add/remove programs

          Give me a news group nheng. The registry was a back up from a spybot sweep. I can probably delete it.


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            Time for the ultimate.....BFH!


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              what is BFH?


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                Big f'ing hammer. He's talking about a reinstall of the OS...

                Depending on exactly where that error came from, there are certainly sources other than Etrust. It's possible to get an error *like that* from COM, an installer, or even from an error on a web page. Specific details of where, how, and exact contents would help along with other information that may be available depending the specific subsystem generating the error.

                Unfortunately, the windows updater is not among my favorite applications as it can get confused during an update and there is no way back unless you know how to really dig in.
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                  In march 2006 I bought a HP Pavilion a1314n with XP Media Center Edition 2005.A "GEEK"friend helped me set it up.We could not get the program to work.He accessed a hp site with more then 8 discriptions of attempts to reinstall the missing program/s only to have it not function.These dated back to early summer 2005. Our fix? Excision of uneccessary programs.Aguy I work with told me it is a prototype the new system that may be out soon and would debug media center for this new system,not xp. I don't know. BOHIKA!


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                    I have Media center2005 and it had a few bugs. I updated it two weeks ago at HP's update site and it runs good now!( it was a massive update
                    have you contacted hP ?



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                      Does the pc have Norton anti virus installed? Did you try turning of the the anti virus?


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                        Sorry I couldn't get back sooner. I had ... computer battery problems

                        Here's one of the threads, check out the 7th reply about killing AV tasks using task manager.

                        I believe the problem is that something has a lock on one of the SP2 install component files. Is any AV installed on that machine?


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                          Thanks for all the suggestions.

                          The problem is just with IE and the Internet. It is extremely slow. My first thought was to update IE, but then I would need to update XP... etc etc.

                          I installed FireFox and it works just fine, but they like the IE and now think something is wrong with the computer.

                          I explained it as best I could and they nodded their heads, but I am sure they have doubt.

                          My first choice would be to uninstall IE and re install a older version compatible to service pack 1.

                          When I am actually at their computer, I will call computer associates and see if they can help since according to MS its this program messing with me. I imagine its not going to get me anywhere though.


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                            Open msconfig from the run menu. Select the Services tab. Check the box to hide all microsoft services.

                            Then uncheck the boxes for all remaining services and click ok to restart the computer. When it restarts dismiss the msconfig panel that comes up by checking the box that says to not show it again and close it.

                            Then try installing SP2. Once that is done open msconfig and re-enable the services you turned off.
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                              Evan, sounds good and I will certainly try it.

                              1 question though. According to MS, it say its Etrust stopping the program from access a .cab file to complete the update.

                              Why would stopping all microsoft services help?