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    Anybody have any good stories or pics to post?
    I didn't get to go again this year.


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    Are you talking about the GEARS show in Portland? If so that show is on September 23-24. Some friends and I are going on the 23rd. If you live between Seattle and Portland we might have move room in the car for another body.
    Mark Hockett


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      Mark H,
      Do you have a link or any info about this show? I don't need a ride but might be interested myself, and wouldn't mind meeting some of the contributors to this board. Used to live in Clinton, maybe even seen you at the clover patch.


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        Here is the link to the Portland GEARS show,

        If your going to the show contact me and we can meet up. We usually go somewhere for lunch and go to the Portland Harbor Freight or other tool stores we find.

        I've only eaten at Neils a few times but I would like to hit the all you can eat rib day some time for dinner. My wife and I own the Hallmark store in Clinton. If you've ever been in there you might have seen me helping her out. I have a CDL so I also drive dump truck for Blue Star Rockery a few times a month. Usually on the weekends when the other drivers take the weekend off and the owner needs help. It is very hard to find CDL drivers on the Island and I kind of enjoy getting paid to site see around the Island. Its kind of wild taking a 10 yard dump truck with a pup trailer over Deception Pass bridge.

        Mark Hockett


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          OK, sorry for the confusion. There is another Portland which had a show last week. Portland Indiana. It's a large show, tristate antique engine & tractors, went from tuesday through sunday I believe.



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            Portland show

            I was at Portland from Monday afternoon until Sunday morning.

            I-H was the featured tractor, with about 350 present. There were about another 350 tractors on the grounds.

            Total of about 2000 engines, with nearly 200 of them being models. There was an I-H UD-24 (engine from a TD-24 bulldozer) stationary engine that the owner started several times per day and was only 75 yards or so from my location. I nearly cried every time it started, it was so beautiful.

            The Crosley collector from Iowa was there, with his Crosley pickup truck. In the bed was an ALL-WOOD hit & miss engine. He said that the spark was provided by some sort of flint mechanism, which I suppose had a bit of metal, but I'll not quibble about that. Although he claimed that it actually ran, the best I saw it do was 2 or 3 pops in a row. Of course, if you think about it, that alone is pretty amazing!

            I had my 2 model engines, made from Debolt's Vaughn and Olds casting kits. Tom Ball had an all-brass Fairbanks model, machined by Reggie Ingold from Australia. Reggie and another couple of his countrymen were in attendance.

            A Stirling engine collector had a LTD engine that ran on direct sunlight. It was one of those outfits that you see at the NAMES show that run on a cup of hot coffee, scaled up to about 3 feet diameter. Big ol' styrofoam displacer piston with a pair of Briggs & Stratton cylinders w/ graphite power pistons.

            Oil field engine display was bigger & better than ever.

            Rain came in Saturday afternoon about 4:00, pretty well shutting things down, but many people were packing up anyway. At least there was no deluge. Officially, the show runs from Wednesday -> Sunday, but at least half the stuff is gone by Sunday.

            I can't find any pictures put up by the SEL members yet, but here's a link to some stuff from last year, put online by Helen French. (Ironically, the French family is from England)