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    I simpathize with you about that ban on lead. I think it is too extreme. I'm not as sure about the harm that lead can cause in the environment. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. South of here in the city of Provo there are areas of lead contamination and I have often felt that this explained alot about the people who live there. On the other hand, years ago I was hunting in an area east of the city and I was three miles east of a water supply reservour called Mountain Dell Reservour and a ranger approached me, and he threatened to arrest me for urinating in a watershed area. I thought he should really be concerned with the Hendrickson Rifle Range that is only a stones throw away from the reservour, and in a natural drainage into that primary water supply of my city. I would rather that the lead from that get the blame for all the stupidity in my city rather than the fact that I took a pee in the wilderness three miles away from the reservour. That ranger didn't mind the lead, and he didn't mind the Deer poop and Deer pee, but he sure gave me 30 minutes of hell and his opinions about me. I was only 18 at the time, and I could hear the theme song from "Deliverance" playing from his truck. I got out of there with my shorts still on and I've always been happy about that. I'm 40 now but I still remember that experience. Now I've shared it with all of you for no explicable reason.


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      Bismuth shot out performs lead shot by quite a margin. Its major drawback is the $60+ per carton. The plus side is the shot is easy to chew and won't break your fillings! Non-toxic - that's what they claim NOW.


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        Well, There has been plenty of tests on the water coming from our militarys shooting ranges. And nothing indicated that there was exesive lead in that water!

        Also, my first skeetclub, used to shot on land next to my small tows water reservoir. all shot landed in the lake! We had to move the club when they built a golf country club on the other side. They got sore when we showerd them with lead every time they was out fishing golfballs. *lol*


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          At the cost of $60.00 per carton, I'd have to take up bow hunting!!


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            "Another thing I noted with delight: In Sweden, the 6.5 x 55 is O.K. for hunting animals such as Moose, Bear, Musk-Ox, Elk--large game animals, while here in the States, some of my associates think that my 6.5 is a "mouse magnum" at best. Glad to learn that I have some International support on the subject!!"

            Yes the "sixandahalf" is legal for moose and such, but is mostly used for calfs and yearligs. Hunting is very selective over here. The 6.5X55 will kill very large game, and for some it's prefered (female novices) but there is no reason other than that to not get a larger gun. But magnums are not needed!

            Also, the bismuth is probably to softish to work as material for real bullets, it would fail completly even in light cartridges, methiks...


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              Here in the USA, the latest fad is the 30 cal. loudenboomer magnums. You just have to have one even if your hunting chipmonks.



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                I know, I read the same mags as you do probably! they're crazy! good way to get a flinch for the rest of your life!

                Can't kill it with an '06 then you can't kill it at all! (exept for africa)


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                  Hi Axel.

                  Thanks for the Husqvarna link. I have a Husqvarna rifle, caliber 9.3X57. It is a wonderful shooter.

                  Paul G.
                  Paul G.


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                    Yes and a very odd caliber over there I bet!!

                    Only the swedes used it much, the rest of the world liked the 9X57 manlicher better. But both are "obsolete" now, but still great shooters for good folks who understand about nice guns!