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Jet JVM-836 and a VFD??

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  • Jet JVM-836 and a VFD??

    Has anybody set one of these little mills up with a VFD and if so, did you stick with the original 3 phase motor. I am trying to make a decision about going with a single phase machine or stepping up to the 3 phase and installing a VFD. It will home use machine going pretty light work as a rule. Thanks, RTillery

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    I think the 836 has, as supplied, a low speed of 240 rpm. That's not slow enough for some work (slitting saws, boring heads). I'd get the 3-phase motor and a VFD. Use the original motor...why not. There will be time enough to get another if it blows up, but I doubt it will. I've been using a VFD with my Jet JVM-830's original motor for a while now, with absolutely no sign of a problem.
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      Most motor manufacturers, at least in the U.S., are now using inverter rated wire and insulation even in non-inverter rated motors. If the motor is new, you might not gain anything by changing the motor. Most of the failures come from VFDs that are far away from the motor, over a couple hundred feet. Use the one you have, keep the wire length as short as you can and if something happens, then buy a new motor. Make sure you ground everything properly, VFDs are known to cause arcing in the motor bearings if not properly grounded.



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        A while back I was looking for info on this model or the similar but slightly smaller Grizzly G1033. but I really didn't get much info back. Anybody know much about them.
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          I set my JVM-836 3-phase up with a Misubishi A200E VFD about a year ago. I love it and have had no problems.

          If you want the sum of human knowledge on VFDs in the shop, go to to the metalworking board. A gentleman named Forrest Addy has several long posts there that were sufficient to give me enough confidence to buy a VFD off of Ebay and hook it up.