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OT: Wet tonight!

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  • OT: Wet tonight!

    Well....., looks like we might get a little hurricane after all, Ernesto's winds now at 70 MPH, that's close. We've already had 1"+ with the local forecasters calling for 6-8" more tonight. We needed a little rain, but this is a little much.

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    Be careful if you have to get out in the weather Cecil. Maybe you won't get pounded to bad. We have had a lot of rain this morning also but probably not as much as you guys are expecting.
    Jonathan P.


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      I was thinking about you when I heard about Ernesto , but you said you dont get much that far inland.

      Good luck anyway.


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        Hope you make it okay Cecil,watch that rain it comes in bucket sized drops.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          Yeah, be careful Cecil. We were all crying over here when it started moving North over Cuba. We were kinda hoping it would move into the Gulf and come West. We could use the water! Might as well be spit'in in the desert for as much rain as we've had this year.

          Take care of the family!


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            It's 7:30 am in the Washington area. Just starting to rain.
            We can really use the rain around here too.
            We've had nothing to speak of for at least a month.

            Weather people are calling for 2" to 8" depending on the speed of the storm.
            Supposed to start heavy here around 2:00 pm.

            They're sand bagging in some low areas.
            It'll be interesting to watch.
            I'm up high so not to worry except for the trees.



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              The storm changed course, moved in a more northerly direction and all but missed us. We only got another 1-2" of rain and a little wind, nothing else. Thanks for the concerns japcas, weird, Hope you get some rain Ken. And yes Jay we normally don't get that much inland, it just depends on where they come ashore and the path taken. You never know though.


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                Guess I'm next

                As of watching the weather this morning, the storm is about 16 hours away from myself in eastern CT. Calling for possibly up to 4" of rain, a little breezy, mostly on Saturday scattered showers on Sunday before all said and done.
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