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  • Versatapper Collet ~ Help

    My Rigid Supreme Versatapper arrived. It looks nice enough. I ordered a Jacobs #J116 Rubber-Flex collet for it. When the collet arrived and I tried to install it, I ran into a big snag. The tapered spot where it is to fit is so much larger that the collet slips down to the bottom and sits on the locking jaws. This must not be the right collet, but I have no idea what is. The tapered spot to put the collet measures approximately 3/4 across the top, 1/2 across the botom, and 3/8 deep.

    Thanks for your help,

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    It sounds like you need the Jacobs number 421 collet. It is about twice the size as the 116, and accepts 0-1/4" taps.

    Here is a Rubberflex family portrait, left to right, J441#10-1/2", J421 0-1/4" and J116 0-#8.
    Jim H.


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      I believe my Vesatapper came with only one collet. It accepts taps up to 3/8" and possibly as small as #10.

      Note: a 3/8" tap has a .381" shank, a larger diameter shank than a 1/2" tap. Wonder who decided on tap shank standards?

      My guess is the supplied collet would have been made by Supreme, but is likely a direct interchange with a Jacob's. I'll check the number and get size info later when I'm in the shop.


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        In the same Jacobs Rubberflex series, J422 covers 1/4"-1/2", J440 covers 5/16"-5/8". There is also a J423 that covers 0.090"-0.180".

        Tap shank diameters were determined by a committee, which should explain the logic behind the diameters.
        Jim H.


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          I should have included the specifics. The Rigid Supreme Versattapper is model #6420, and runs taps from 0-1/4". I need to run a 6-32 tap with it.

          Thanks for your help, this forum is great!


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            What'da know?... you learn something new everyday. My Versatapper is a model 6300, which I thought was the only model made. Capacity #10 to 1/2". Another surprise, the collet is a Jacobs J441. Never suspected Supreme would use a collet from a competitor (Jacobs and Supreme both made similar drill chucks and related items).


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              So should I wonder if the chuck size is different for the 0-1/4" model. Am I lookiing at a Jacobs 441 or 443, or if the chuck is smaller on mine is it the 421, 423?

              I have the Jacobs catalog, but still need advise.



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                Jacobs collet dimensions here;

                Jim H.