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    Many times the new guys asks questions about shop safety so here are some things to keep in mind.
    1. wear safety glasses
    2. No rings, jewerly or long sleeves around rotating equipment
    3. Learn to turn the machine off before you learn how to start it.
    4.Keep the work area uncluttered.
    5.Wear safety equipment if you are handling acid (keep baking soda handy).
    6.Keep a bucket of clean sand handy (not dirt)many metals and alloy have the ability
    for self sustaining ignition (class D fires)
    water will not extingush them, will only make steam or cause an explosion, do attempt to put out oil fire with fire you'll just spread the fire.
    7.Be careful with steam, if you have steam explosion get on the deck, steam rises and if your standing up your lungs will fill with water and you'll drown. Also don't build boilers or other steam vessel out of old containers or water heaters like some morons advicate, they'll blow up.
    A blind machinist with no fingers is pretty useless. Please be safe for every one combat casualty I saw in the service I saw five accident casualties. Above all before you attempt something questionable ask someone with experience or log on here and ask for help. Jim
    Non, je ne regrette rien.

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    I come here and ask! Best place in the world for machinist questions!


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      another Idea that worked for Gundersons is to have all the new guys (less than one year)wear a bright blue hard hat. apparently it cut job site accidents by 90%!


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        Add long hair to your list I have nothing against it but have seen two accidents one a guy found out that a man can fit thruogh the throat of a 20"drill press the other found out that a grinder with a wire wheel can give you a servere case of whipplash!The grinder guy's head busted the guard on the grinder!Both of them made a lifestyle change and wore crewcutts there after.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          Check Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on unfamiliar materials before handling. This can prevent some serious accidents.

          Never work with power tools if tired or if you have low blood sugar or on pain killers or booze. Low blood sugar can greatly affect your judgement (turns you stupid fast) so if you are diabetic - watch it!

          I have had to be very carefull of low blood sugar since going on insulin - I have a tendency to drop suddenly and dangerously close to zero. To counter this I eat more snacks while working or brainstorming.