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5c collet sleeve

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  • 5c collet sleeve

    Does anyone know of a source for a sleeve which has a M-T #5 OD and will accept 5c collets on the ID? This is the key part to my homemade collet closer for my lathe and I want it as true as possible. The sleeve that I made appearently isn't 100% concentric and I'm hoping to find one that is precision ground that will be true.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have seen them every once in a while on Ebay and hoped to buy one to save time, but you stand the best chance of making one that is concentric by turning it (and perhaps finish grinding it) in the spindle in your own lathe.

    If you did that, perhaps it is more concentric than you know if you could get it back in its original orientation. If not, make a cleanup pass on the taper again and this time make an indexing mark so you can put it back the same way each time.

    Paul Carpenter
    Mapleton, IL


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      Ditto what Paul said.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Collet Adaptor


        Try Royal Products as I have one that came with my lathe and a Royal collet closer unit. Probably costly but accurate.



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          You might try Royal or one of the lathe manufacturers that still provides support for older US-made machine tools. For example Clausing may be able to supply that part if one of their older (or current) lathes used it. I'm guessing that if they can supply them they probably get them from Royal, though, so Royal would probably be cheaper.

          Mike Henry near Chicago


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            I just bought one for the same reason, making a handwheel collet closer. I didn't trust my taper cutting capabilities so I bought the adapter from Grizzly. It's part of their lever closing collet attachment. Adapter part# is P4026001 for $29.50 (MT5-OD x 5C-ID). It comes with the indexing pin already installed. You have to call to order since it's a replacment part and not a standalone item.

            Cadwiz (Clinton, LA)


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              Many thanks to all. I did in fact make a witness mark before making my final cut on the ID, but somehow something wound up askewed???? This is a Griz lathe so I might just order the part you named.

              Again, THANKS!


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                After tinkering around with my homemade adaptor and an indicator today I think the problem may in fact be the chineese 5-c collet I'm working with and not my adaptor after all!