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OT: RIP Crocodile hunter

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  • OT: RIP Crocodile hunter

    Gone but never forgotten. :cry:

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    I sure was sad to hear that. It was on the news this morning. He did a lot for the world. Steve Irwin handled a lot of creatures that I wouldn't get near of. There is a need for people like him. In situations where snakes and other reptiles get in places where they don't belong, it would be hard to remove them. If the creature is killed it might be even harder to get out. He would simply catch, or coax it to safety. Safe for the creature. Safe for the surroundings that it invaded. I saw on an interview where Mr. Irwin told that " The only thing I am scared of is humans and their unpredictable violence, with guns and knives"

    Steve Irwin, we will all miss you.



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      IMHO this guy was asking for it.
      Tease the crock,snake,gator, dog or cat your gonna get bit.

      So he got skewered, oh well R.I.P. rather than pieces in a Crocks gut.


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        I was never really to impressed with that guy but i also dont believe he was a negative force in the universe ---- i'll tell you who was a fuqing idiot, that dip wad that thought he could hang with the Grizzlies up in alaska, what an absolute fool with a mental problem. gets himself killed - get his girlfriend killed and gets two grizzlies killed all for the sake of wanting to be on film, he's such a nobody i really dont know his name....


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          His name was Grizzlydinner.


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            {Grizzlydinner} YUM, YUM!


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              Now how could i have forgotten that, sometimes the answer is as plain as your severed leg right in front of your bloody face...


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                Originally posted by A.K. Boomer
                i'll tell you who was a fuqing idiot, that dip wad that thought he could hang with the Grizzlies up in alaska, what an absolute fool with a mental problem. gets himself killed - get his girlfriend killed and gets two grizzlies killed all for the sake of wanting to be on film, he's such a nobody i really dont know his name....
                AK -
                I had kind of the same feeling about that guy, but although I had guessed (correctly as it turns out), I'd never heard what happened to that guy. Thanks for enlightening me. I remember seeing the trailers on TV, and the tone of the trailer suggested that the guy met his predictable end. Too bad he had to take his girlfriend and a couple of grizzlies with him. What a dipstick.

                Hearing of Steve Irwin reminded me of the story of Audy Murphey (sp?). I visited the site of a memorial to him years ago. Murphey was a highly decorated WWI fighter pilot. He made it through the war, but after all that, he died in a routine peacetime flight when his plane crashed into a mountain in SW Virginia.

                To hear that Irwin was mauled by a croc wouldn't have surprized me so much, but a stingray? I wouldn't play with crocodiles myself, but I have done some swimming in the company of stingrays. I didn't wrestle with them or anything, but they certainly didn't seem that dangerous at the time. (Allowing of course, that Irwin was probably in the company of a particularly large and dangerous variety of ray.)

                We all gotta go sometime, I guess.

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                  I always thought a croc would get Irwin. From the news footage, it sounds like a freak accident with a sting ray that could have happened to anyone who snorkels or dives in salt water. He will be missed as a great spokesman for wildlife conservation.

                  Audie Murphy was in the Army and to the best of my knowledge, did not fly warplanes against the enemy. He won the Medal of Honor and every other medal of valor awarded by the US for meritorious service during WW2. He was killed in a plane crash in 1971.


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                    I'll bet that wildlife all over Australia will be breathing a sigh of relief tonight, knowing that they won't be getting hauled out of their ponds and swung around by their tails anymore.

                    All of the gear, no idea...


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                      I've been to Brooks Camp where that idiot got himself and his girlfriend eaten.
                      His name was Treadwell but grizzly dinner fits better. That is an incredible place where you can find yourself an arms length from big brownies, or sows with cubs, take all the pictures you want but never think they're your friends.
                      I haven't seen his movie and don't need to, one less idiot coming to AK to show us all how it's done.


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                        I bet it was wierd being at that sight, I might have a chance to go to alaska next year, i have zero curiousity as far as how close i can get to a grizz, i will give them plenty of elbow room with the added bennie of keeping a couple slower humanoids between me and them and if something goes down the last fail safe will be the people behind me being extra slow because thier slipping in the stuff im leaving behind, got nuthin but respect...

                        Im told a grizz is just an overfed brown?
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                          FWIW, Irwin's death was a freak thing in the sense that although the large Ray's tail spike is poisionous, it normally just causes some pain in humans. But in this case it just happened to strike Steve directly in the chest and the speculation is that it penetrated directly into his heart.

                          As to the Wolfie comments, if he had been playing with a Black Mamba I'd agree, but this was just a freak thing that could have happened to anyone during scuba diving.


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                            If you have the chance take it. Brooks is a little remote but if you're coming to AK don't just stay on the road system, there's too much else out there.

                            "Im told a grizz is just an overfed brown?"

                            That's backwards, same species but the coastal dwellers are called brown bears, high protein salmon diet makes them quite large, interior grizzlies live on berries and squirrels not quite so big but even on the arctic coast they can go better than 8'.

                            Take the trip and make the most of it!


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                              Im told a grizz is just an overfed brown?
                              Heh. They are a sub species. Ursus arctos Horribilis deserves the name. Ordinary small brown bears are generally timid and avoid confrontations. I've seen many and been around them. Unless they are trash bears they just amble away from you.

                              A grizz is a different story. They will actively hunt humans and other large game and most definitely eat meat. They are omnivores and can eat just about anything and do. They can slap a moose to death with one blow. They have no natural enemies and so they are not afraid to walk up to you and slap your head right off. They also tend to be territorial and don't much like other meat eaters in their range. Fortunately I have never run into one in my wilderness camping trips and that's a good thing. It often results in ruining your entire day. I take extreme care when camping to avoid attacting attention to the fact I have food with me.
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