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  • Mapquest?

    Any you guys have luck with this program. I was trying to get a road plan of sorts to head to alberta find places and so on. I couldnt get it to work worth a ****. Is it cause im in Canada?? Which map programs (free of course0 are out there that work well. ? Thanx

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    Works for me, although sometimes I have to break a trip into sections to get it to take the route I want. is another one. Also

    I still like a paper roadmap, though.
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      Drive west.

      You can't miss it. It's the place with all the help wanted signs.
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        Ha Ha funny Evan

        Yeah i know where it is. As usual when using a computer I seem to run into problems. Must be garbage in (stupid people operating it) and thus garbage out. HM. I guess im stupid. I punched in the map quest info and got what i wanted at least half of it. It gave me the kilometers from waterloo ont. to cold lake alberta like 3500 kms approx then said it would take ten and a half hours to get there. How did it know i drive like a man posessed. HMM a again. I dont think my old 1984 460 ford pickup would go that fast. I reloaded google earth to try to get a perspective of the relationship between cold lake and calgary and that wouldnt work either, Finally i called my apprentice (hes twenty) and asked him to sort it out cause im too damn busy to screw around with another poorly designed program. Everything on cpomputers debit cards money machines all seems to be taking lot longer than just doing the old fashioned way look at a map and how much and poay in cash. What a computerized **** society weve created. idiotic. I miss the old days but gotta admit the internet is cool cause i got to converse with such a bunch of good people and also cruise the porn sites. haHa.


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          Bring up Google, type in cold lake alberta and hit the Maps link. Then start zooming out.

          You take Hiway 1 to Regina and head north on hiway 11 until it hits hiway 16 In Saskatoon. Take 16 to North Battleford (windy place) and head north on 4 to Meadow lake. Turn left and drive to Cold lake on 55. Cold Lake is on the border with Alberta and Saskatchewan northeast of Edmonton.
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            Thanx Evan

            I appreciate your time. I had that info no problem but to crossreferance from here to there seemed to make that program have a crap so to speak. I am buying a road map puts these **** programs to shame. tHANX A LOT FOR YOUR TIME,


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              I you're a member of a motor association, you can get free maps and even a trip plan... Having been to Ontario by car and travelled a bit around western Canada, there are basically only two direct routes from east to west highway 1 and 16.... Not real complicated. A map and a campground book can come in handy for the overnight accomodation along the way. As I recall, it is 24 - 30 hrs straight driving time to Calgary (depending on your exact location in Ontario and your speed).



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                Thanx Cam

                I was trying to use mapquest and google earth to see the relationship from like james bay to cold lake and so on. I lived in Kakabeka falls north west of thunder bay and wastrying to get a visual on how much colder it would be in calgary cold lake in the winter months. Thanx to everyone for the replies.


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                  There are roads in Canada?? Just kidding. Vic


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                    Ah. They don't call it Cold Lake for no reason. The mean temperature in January is -17C. The weather is much the same as Edmonton where I used to live. Coldest I ever saw it was -52C in town (-61F). It probably doesn't get that cold anymore. The climate has been warming up.

                    Mike, Calgary is a totally different story than Edmonton and Cold Lake. Calgary get chinook winds in the winter that can bring a thaw almost any time. Those chinooks don't make it as far north as Cold Lake.

                    Vic, of course we have roads. Some are even paved. We have really nice roads where I live. Here is one:

                    We also have excellent tourist accomodations.

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                      Evan not bad. This is what I like about you, you always have ready an appropriate picture. The road on the last picture would save me a lot of money. I would not be able to get any tickets even if I try, and believe me I try. Actualy, the one before the last is the same road type I am living on in dry season. We have here 5 seasons, mud season is the extra one. Last year, my neighbour sunk in all the way to the bottom of the car. Vic


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                        I have a very large collection of photos and graphics on hand, nearly all of it is my work. Those two pics are from Bowron Lake Park not far from here.
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                          Have made that trip many times, and cross over at Sarnia/Pt. Huron. Take 69 to I-94 (as far as Fargo,N.D.) Then 29/75 up to Wpg. Take the Trans Canada as far as Portage La Prairie and then take Hwy #16 (The Yellowhead Route) That goes right through Edmonton. If you leave early, at the end of day one you'll be in Fargo, day two in North Battleford and day three will be a leisurely drive bringing you into Edmonton before noon. Have fun, it is a great trip!!


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                            Mike wants to go to Cold Lake.

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                              Man thats sweet

                              I love that those roads remind me of home. Also that Hotels just begging for me to be sitting out front in my rocker sippin at a beer. Ah could bring my pistol along and shoot at the empty cans and noone would complain. Where i live now they phonew the police . Audrey took my handguns away on me,.