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Big Auction in Tenn.

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  • Big Auction in Tenn.

    Received the flier yesterday, 4 day auction (Sep 19-22) in Greeneville (east) Tenn. Just to name a few of the listings:

    12 Lathes - from Monarch to SB
    13 Mills - BP, Wells-Index, Lagun
    15 Saws - from DoAll to Craftsman
    29 Grinders - surface, T&C, etc.
    100+ - Cabinets - Vidmar, Lyons, etc.
    100+ - Forklifts - most were elec.
    Lots of tooling, test, and measurement equip.

    Auction handled by: and, probably bring a premium but, you never know, something might slip by.

    I would like to go but time and work will not permit.

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    Will you be there?


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      Hells yeah, my backyard!! Thanks for posting this.


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        Wife is so mad

        4 day auction.. gee, motel room.. gonna cost for me to go.

        My wife is kinda mad at you for posting this.
        Excuse me, I farted.


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          I would like to go, take truck & trailer too, but it will not happen this time. Got too much going on at work plus a trip to DC. It's about 350 miles from where i live to Greeneville, Tn., so not a bad drive. Like i always say "you never know unless you go".

          Furnace, Dave, Good luck! Wish i could be there.


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            Yeah, wish I had some of those Vidmar's!


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              Cecil, wish you could make it also. You could stop by hear on the way for a visit. Greeneville is about 20 minutes from hear but I'm working and leaving for vacation the day after I get off. I still need to make some time to come down your way.
              Jonathan P.


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                Wish i could make it too. I had promised wife i would go to Washington DC next week with her, so, rather than her fly up, we're driving. She will be in meetings all week, so i will be free to roam the Smithsonian, visit Arlington Cemetary (got some friends there), and other places of interest. Then i have a meeting on the 20th that i really need to attend, plus it's getting to be our busy season at work. It's not working out, just my luck.


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                  If just anyone can attend, me and a guy I work with are gonna go. Im in the market for a new lathe chuck, though I doubt theyll have what I need, Im still excited. Never been to one before.


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                    Myron Bowling is bad news....not because they are "bad", (actually really nice folks) but because they are the best in the business at what they do...which means most machines will sell higher than dealer retail, so the whole auction thing from the buyers perspective becomes a moot point. Esp a 4 day auction...builds excitement....folks will fly in from all over the place with money to burn.

                    Might be worth going if you're close by...sometimes an oddball thing will slip by...or just for entertainment....but "deals" are unlikely...

                    I prefer my auctioneers truly "bad"....bad at what they do....the dumber and more a**holic, the better ...cause that's where the deals are !
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                      I'd like to go but that's a looong drive from Tullahoma, TN. Maybe something will show up closer.
                      No matter where you go, there you are!

                      Hal C.