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I finally got a shaper

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  • I finally got a shaper

    Well I dont know if this is a good thing but winter is quickly coming and I will finally have some time in the garage. I went to a sale of a machine shop that went out of business locally and they sold off most of the equipment to a wholesale company. However they did not sell this lonely delta shaper. After speaking to the owner he said he wanted $100. I guessed this was decent price and I took it home. It has the original shaft assembly, original motor gaurds, motor, vise, clapper and tool holder.

    What I am concerned about is at the end of the ram near the back of the machine on the ways. It is pretty rusted up and I am not sure how I should fix this.

    I have started to oil the machine down and everything appears to move and not be frozen. I will spend the winter hopefully getting the machine up and running. I would eventually like to build a nice cabinet for the machine to sit on any info on a design or plans would be appreciated.


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    Cool... and that's a great value you got there.

    Here's alittle info on it..
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    Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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      COOL,YOU are among the Elite now.
      Get some Kroil.


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        If you have questions


        I am just finishing taking on just like that apart and repairing it as well as repainting it. In fact it would have been done if I hadn't tipped it off the table and broke a couple of parts.

        There a a few tricks and a correct order to rip this one apart. If you have questions either ask here or E'mail me.



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          Electrolysis for the rust.


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            Me too

            L Prince: Congrats looks like you got a good deal have fun and send pics of your first project(S)

            I too just got a shaper. A 7" atlas( also sold under the craftsman label) shaper at the Iron Fever Aution . I got it into the basement and up on a bench on monday with the help of the teenaged son. Pretty well got it oiled up and running freely although the table hight adjustment is a little stiff yet. I have pretty well figurured out the controls and have been reading several articles and sections of books on shapers. It is missing the handle to operate the controls. Any suggestions where I can make one or dimentions so I can fabficate one?
            Tin Falcon
            Ad maiorem dei gloriam - Ad vitam paramus


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              Tin I have the same shaper it followed me home Labor Day. I can get the dimensions from one of my handles for you in the next day or so. You wouldn't happen to have a copy of the Op Manual would you?
              Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                I give up guys. I have been searching for a shaper for over a year now and I haven't found one at all, let alone one for a hundred bucks!! very cool you got it and the price as well. If you know where one is let me know!! The closer to Phoenix the better!


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                  Thanks for the quick response. Even a photo next to a 6" rule would help a lot. No did not get a manual. A guy at the show had photo copy versions for sale. I now wish I picked one up. I did buy a lindsay reprint of a SB shaper /drill press book.It has the same info as the SB Army manual download that is on Mike moores site. Have you you checked it out ? it is The Know yor shaper article near the bottom of the page is very good. It labels the controls on an atlas shaper. I have several books and pamphlets that are of help. Putting the pieces together I feel like I have a good handle basic operation and set up.Send an e-mail and I can get some info to you.
                  Regards Tin Falcon.
                  Ad maiorem dei gloriam - Ad vitam paramus


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                    Good stuff Leon! Nice and affordable.
                    No doubt Art and others will want to hear from you here also, good info too.
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                      Atlas shaper crank

                      There are a couple of options here, one is to buy a 3/8" drive crank from Carr-Lane, catalog number CL-0-H, it's a little smaller than the original but will work. It also costs too little for their minimum order, but they have many other goodies that you can't live without, so that's not so big a problem. The other option, the one I went with, is to get a 1/2" crank and epoxy a piece of square steel tubing in to make it 3/8". I got a crank from Wholesale Tool, catalog number 3005-0007. The one they shipped was not the one pictured on the web site, mine had a rotating handle and is perfect for the job.



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                        Great deal. Start out with a wire brush, I know, that's too old fashioned.....


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                          Well thanks for the words of encouragement I will keep you posted when I start working on it unfortunately it probably will not be until nov or dec SWMBO want the house painted first and leaf season is coming quickly

                          I did locate a mannual for this machine on line at the following website

                          Again thanks for all the input i feel a little better knowing i did not get ripped off



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                            At the risk of being snippy...........

                            Those of you with Atlas shapers can get a copy of the manual from Clausing. It will cost about $5, at least mine did a while back.... Not exactly gonna break the bank, and reminds Clausing that there is still interest in their older machines.

                            They have only like 3 parts for the things, but the manual they do have.

                            Here is the snippy part :

                            It's nicer to support a company that BOTHERS to support old machines AT ALL, than to get a copy of a copy of a copy from some "third party".

                            Especially when it isn't expensive to get it from Clausing.

                            Keep eye on ball.
                            Hashim Khan


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                              JT I take your comment is aimed at me. I got there phone number and will give a call. So what parts did they have when you called back then?
                              Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.