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    Maybe I think too much. In trying to finalize a purchasing decision on a 2 thousand pound milling machine, it occured to me that this is too heavy to muscle around by human power. Even too heavy for an engine hoist. How can this be done, and done safely ? Thanks.

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    Rent a forklift at the sale location, load the mill onto a trailer. Haul. Rent a local forklift for your shop to unload it and place it into position. If the forklift cannot get under the garage door, unload it onto some gasline pipe and roll it into position like the Egyptians moved large stones.
    I have discovered the cost of renting a forklift is just a part of the final cost of the machine. It is worth every penny in time saved, damaged equipment, personal injury...and SEVERELY damaged equipment.
    I know that probably wasn't much help, but it is the way to go. Sometimes you can reduce the cost of renting the local forklift by visiting with your neighbors and seeing if they need anything moved. If they pitch in, they can reduce your end. You would be surprised. Neighbors always have large heavy items laying around they need moved.
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      You could contract a rollback truck to make the pick up and delivery. Offload onto pipe rollers and spud bar it in. Or you can also break it down into it's major component to lessen the weight of the move to it's final resting spot... also this will allow you to clean the crud that's hiding in the nooks and crannies.
      Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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        Simple and safest way is to buy a Pallet jack from Enco etc.
        They cost about 300 bucks and can handle 5,000 pounds. you can move the mill anywhere you want, and when you place it in the shop, rest it on 4 x 4"s and that allows you to move it easy next time !


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          There's lot of ways to do it. In the past I've rented a fork lift, used my skid loader and hired a rigger on sepperate occasions. Lots of people find even cheaper ways.

          Does anyone know where the Brideport in the Basement web page is? Seems to have moved...


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            We used a trailer and fork lift to get it to the door. The fork lift mast was too tall to go thru the door so we came as close as possible and landed the mill on the floor . Then we used an A frame with chain fall to lift it and roll it into position. Had the A frame not been available we would have used rollers made from pipe. On another time we used a tow truck with a boom that could lift and extend.
            Good luck
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              2K is not too heavy for an engine hoist to can't move it but you can lift it and drive the truck out from under it. Obviously a forklift is the way to go if you have a connection...around here you're looking at $300 and the roll-backers I contacted didn't want to deal with a high center machine. Good luck, use the search function, and your smarts. You want safety, hire a rigger, pay the $300 to $500 and be done with it until next time to move.

              Edit#1: ditto on the pallet jack...I have one and it is a godsend as long as you have smooth concrete...

              Originally posted by mark mccurdy
              Snip> Even too heavy for an engine hoist. How can this be done, and done safely ? Thanks.<snip


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                It depends on where you need to move it....

                When I got my mill, the biggest challege was getting it off the truck onto the ground. From there, 2x6 planks and pipe rollers and a come-along got it through the ground-level door into the basement, and once on the concrete floor, just pipe rollers let me move it around to where I wanted it.

                If you have to go down stairs...I think I might hire a rigger.

                Taking pieces off (the table, the motor, whatever) can lighten the load.

                A couple of trustworthy, reliable assistants are sort of mandatory.

                Think everything through carefully first, and take it slow.

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                  If the machine will stay on the same level as when it is taken off of truck, trailer or the means of moving it, moving it around is not that difficult. All you need is some pieces of 2X(something wider than4), pipe (several pieces), heavy pry bar, broom and forethought.

                  Every machine I own got where it is using some pieces of 2X(something wider than4), pipe, heavy pry bar, broom and forethought. Help, (competent) is nice to have, though not necessary. The largest machine I have is a 4,400# (est.) lathe. I move(d) all of my machines around the shop floor without help.

                  Whatever you do DO NOT move anything without someone to call for help, just in case. I learned this the semi-hard way dismantling an old mill.
                  Paying Attention Is Not That Expensive.