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  • Toolpost Type?

    I've got a toolpost on this old Logan I have yet to use. It's roughly a square block, probably 4", and has a dovetail on one end. The dovetail has a moving part that locks the actual holder/slider in place. Is that a piston type?

    The problem with it is the eccentric that does the locking seems to be worn out. It goes right over the top and all the way around and around and ...... The holder gets bound enough to not fall off but I doubt it'll support any kind of cut.

    And then there's the bolt somebody stuck in it for a handle ....


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    Piston/Wedge discussions are generally focused on the Aloris style holders. These have a pair of dove tail mounts oriented 90* to each other. The "wedge" style have a piece of steel along one side of the dove tail that "wedges" the tool holder into place. The "piston" type have what looks sorta like the end of a bar (the piston) located right in the center of the dovetail that is pushed out by rotating the handle. It acts as if it wants to simply push the tool holder straight out from the center of the tool post, and thereby locks it in place against the dove tails. The handle will rotate around and around if there is no holder on the tool post for it to bind against. This could also happen with a badly worn or improperly sized tool holder. You could also have a KDK or other type of QC tool posts...
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      Here is the Aloris website;

      You can download the catalog to see the various toolposts and holders.

      If the holder is loose, a narrow shim at the rear dovetail will allow the toolholder to be drawn in tight. It is not the best solution, but will work. Most manufacturer's toolholders will fit on most other manufacturer's toolposts, but wear can occur, or sometimes the tolerances can stack to where it is loose.
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        [[It's roughly a square block, probably 4", and has a dovetail on one end.]] That could be a shopmade toolpost?


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          tool post

          Aloris made a one sided piston type tool post . in the middle of the dove tail is their a round plug thay moves in and out a little when you swing the handle. If so in the center of ths plog is a taped hole 1/4 -20 I seam to remember. Screw a bolt into it and pullit out as far as iy will come it will not come out has a flange on back side and under spring pressure . may have to put in vise and pull doing so work the top up and off the part the handle screws in at this point you should see what is happening go ahead an take apart clean it up re assemble with some light grease if the plug does not move out enough to loch the block in place you may have to make a new piston making it a tad longer that should fix it Been their done that!
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            Well Thank You one and all.

            FWIW the sliding part that does the locking on what I've got is located in one of the dovetails. Not piston or wedge apparently.

            AXA series will fit according to the Aloris catalog so I took an E-Bay cruise to look at some pics. Saw some half price import stuff but then I stumbled across what looks a lot like what I got and I'll be damned if it wasn't a KDK.

            I suppose there's no harm in taking it apart to see if I can fix it. What have I got to lose?

            Thanx again, Bill


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              [no harm in taking it apart to see if I can fix it.] Now, that's the spirit!


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                You can get repair parts from KDK. They are my favorite setup, no big ugly knurled nut to adjust the stop, just a set screw out of sight.