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  • Photobucket ?

    I'm trying to get a photobucket account set up and not succeeding. The sticking point is the site claims my e-mail address is already in use. This leads me to believe I may have signed up in the past. Could be. But nothing comes back to me from the fog banks of my mind about it.

    Just on the chance I did sign up there before I asked for the username/password info to be e-mailed to me. An immediate response says an e-mail with the necessary has been mailed .... but nuthin' ever arrived.

    Punched in on the FAQ and followed the advice regarding internet settings. Even listed Photobucket to be always allowed. Tried again. Same thing.

    I dunno. I'd like to put a drawing up of some parts I have to make and something tells me a picture's gonna be worth more than a thousand.

    Any help's appreciated. Bill.

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    If you are using yahoo or similar, the email maybe getting blocked as spam. In which case log into yahoo and check your junk mail folder.


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      go to yahoo or msn and make a new email address


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        I created a hotmail address and successfully got on the photobucket. Here's the link, I think!



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          Whaddaya know? It worked! Thanx again guys.

          So they tell me they rough cut these parts out of 5/8 plate on a band saw. I don't know much, but isn't there L-shaped alum out there somewhere that could be sliced.

          As it happens my brother works for McMaster-Carr and the biggest they've got is 5"x5" @ 1/2" thick which is too small.



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            That might be your best option,sawing them out of plate and milling them to the final size.At least they can be nested.

            It might be possible to get 6x6 x3/4" angle,but it would be expensive,especially if you had to buy a full stick
            I just need one more tool,just one!