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  • Eli Whitney

    I was talking about Eli Whitney the other day. I know it's credited to him the invention of Interchangeability of gun parts. But what was the name of that Frenchman who inspired him. I think the name started with a B! He was an officer, trained at Westpoint I think....or am I completley loopey!

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    Honorأ© Blanc’s !! I found it on the wonderful WWW!!

    Also Chrisofer Polehem here in sweden used interchangeable parts before Eli did. Polhem is worth a book of his own!


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      I know Eli Whitney also invented the cotton gin. Add a little vermouth and you get a really really dry martini!


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        Where exactly are you at, Axel? That shop at the corner of Hantverkargatan & St Eriksgatan i Stockholm happens to be mine. Know it?


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          I'm in a name for your shop...I'm not very familliar with street names...could you be assoiated with Widfors?

          I had a shop once named "Bentell Arms"...I'm not active at this time though...


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            no it can't be Widfors...wrong adress...


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              Naw, not Widforss...But the Widforss guy moved and started a new store down the street a ways. I don't do gunsmithing, except the occasional ljuddampare job.

              I do prototypes, fine-tuned welding jobs, wrought iron sometimes...Fiddler & Turner, I call myself.


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                Mauritz Widfors who started what we now know as "Hennes&Mauritz", HM for short. Could that be the Widfors guy you are talking about!?

                The gunshop "Widfors" is on Fredsgatan, not your street...