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  • BP mill clone parts

    Does some recognize the lower bearing retainer from the spindle of a BP mill clone?

    It appears that someone has swapped spindles on this mill since the parts have metric threads, but the parts do not match the drawings for this mill. This part should be flat (no large chamfer) and should have a total of 8 holes, two oil drain holes, four spanner wrench holes and two set screw holes if it was an original original part.

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    It looks like a standard bearing locknut to me. They chamfered to bear against the inner race, and have their own thread series, an extra fine that might approximate or equate to metric, ie. 1.173"-18TPI.
    Jim H.


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      This is the new part which has the wrong threads, hence the questions.

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        You said BP clone. What is the name and model # of the mill you have?
        It's only ink and paper


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          The mill is a Lagun FTV-1S.

          Looking at the picture below, the spindle is wrong for a Lagun. It would have a nut for the lower bearings, no center spacers and a snap ring for the upper bearing. So the spindle looks like a BP spindle, but the threads are metric.

          Since the Lagun lower bearing retainer will not fit, but the spindle is metric, I am assuming that someone swapped the spindle assembly from another machine or worse multiple machines, ie BP quill and metric spindle from another clone.

          I should add, that is some nasty looking grease, not rust in the picture.

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            I have a box a BP parts here.
            Do you think you need this?




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              Eddie, thank you for the offer, but looks different.

              I guess at this point I will make the two parts I need. I was trying to avoid making the lower bearing retainer since I did not have any material on hand that size other than some cr flat bar. I was also trying to avoid making the upper nut since it is only a $10 part and was not worth the trouble.


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                The old Spindle nose bearing cap with the chamfer looks like the correct part from the Lagun factory. I had a 1977 LAGUN model FT1, and it spindle cap was chamfered.
                The new cap you received from LAGUN is from a newer LAGUN. I took pic's of the spindle nose cap from my 2005 LAGUN FTV-1 and posted the.
                According to the manual, it shows the cap nut as having a chamfer like yours.
                I had a manual for my old machine and it was the same as my new manual, it just lists the parts differences for the newer machines like mine.
                I would suggest calling LAGUN back, give them your machine serial number and see if the spindle nose cap part has a different part number than the replacement they sent you.
                If it helps you. I can take detailed measurements of my nose cap and send them to you, but you probably have the same part I have if your part is new production.
                LAGUN Mills are made from American and Spainiard parts, assembled in SPAIN. So consequently some parts are Imperial, and others are Metric.
                LAGUN makes a good machine, more heavy duty than a BP, but many of their parts are different dimensions than BP when it somes to mounting accessories (DRO's, Powerfeed's etc.) Since I have the maual, and experience with these machines I will do what I can for you.

                Duke Reno / Yankee Metallic Metalcraft


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                  Thank you, I will contact Lagun again.


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                    I sent you 8 pages that might help you in your quest. They were sent via E-Mail. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
                    Bearing Schematic R8 #1
                    Head Diagram Variable speed #1
                    Head Diagram Variable speed #2
                    Parts list for Head Diagram #1
                    Parts list for Head Diagram #2
                    Parts list for Head Diagram #3
                    Parts list for R8 Spindle
                    Quill Diagram
                    Duke Reno / Yankee Metallic Metalcraft


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                      I just got them.

                      What I noticed is that the bearing retainer on the spindle drawing is the same as the one shipped by Lagun. The rest of the drawings and the picture show the type I have.

                      Thank you for the help.