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  • Color coding steel

    Can anyone out there tell me if there is a universally used color code for marking steel? I have looked in the bible, but found nothing. I have several pieces of steel marked with white, yellow, purple, and green. There is no number on any of this stuff, and so I am assuming that they were using the color to differentiate one type from another, but I don't know what the colors represent. Any help is appreciated.
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    I think the general consensus is, there is no standard color code. It's up to the supplier.

    That being said, in my experience yellow tends to be O-1, green tends to be W-1. But I would not be at all surprised to have somebody else respond and say something different.

    The only way I can keep it straight is to order the stuff, and when I get it, to write on the steel what it is, with a Dykem marker.
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      My solution is super low-tech -- I get most of my stock from Ebay, so when a package comes in I make plain text labels on a labelling machine.
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        There is no universal code- every steel yard does it different.
        I get stainless in my shop where 3/8" is painted red on the ends, 1/2" is blue, and 5/8" is green.

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          There's a uniform code in my shop:

          There's more about it - for the whole story:


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            from some time spent consulting to the service centre business, I can tell you each devises their own and there is no universal code


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              6061= Blue
              2024= Red
              1018= yellow
              4130= pink
              360= orange
              303ss=Lt blue sort skyblue

              This is ASAP's in Ann Arbor color code I had them write it down when I won a door prize of assorted metal at Names show two years ago.
              If you now where it came from callem and ask for a list.
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                There is NO standard! Geez! This comes up about six or seven times a year and the answer is still the same.

                My W-1 comes with a RED end and O-1 with a Yellow end. I get angle, flat stock (A-36) and sheet CR that also has different colored ends (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Violet). It generally denotes thickness. It's whatever the supplier decided to slop on the end for whatever purpose they wanted at that particular moment.


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                  I like your system, but the problem is that most stock already comes painted with a non-standardized color scheme.

                  What do you do with stock that's already painted?

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                    A quick wipe with acetone cleans off the paint that comes on the metal I get. Also cleans off grease, labels, etc.

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                      i have not seen any standard. one shop i worked in took the top of a tin can painted it with the color then wrote on it what it was then painted all the bar ends the same color. then hung the lids on a board oer the steel rack.

                      now this works as long as the guy would repaint the end when he cut a pice off.