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    Although I am always amazed at the talent and craftsmanship shown by members of this board,today I stumbled onto a site run by obviously a very gifted man.I've included a couple of links from his site to give you an idea of what he and others like him are up to.And here I thought that we had the corner on all the talent.
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    Definetly a person with talent!! At first glance it had me fooled, thinking it was an old bum in a new suit by the side wear bars on the blade, worn cutting edge, waves in the blade face,and thinned ripper shanks!!! An almost perfect model of a "working" machine with new paint, something I was used to seeing every spring for 35 yrs from various employers who were trying to advertise with new paint and decals!
    In real life thats a lot of machine! The blade alone is 25' wide! Unfortunatly their size makes it too difficult to move easily, hence you don't see them out of the quarries often, so I've never operated the D11 or D10 but I've had my share of the D9s and D8s and all the biggies of other makes! Nothing purrs like a cat, but believe me, it don't ride like cadillac!!!



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      Menace is right, it's a frikken' huge machine - The Fresk Kills landfill, the biggest garbage dump in the world(now closed), used D11's to push the trash around. I've seen them upclose, and the best description I've ever seen is "moving house".

      For a sense of scale:

      It weighs in at a mindboggling 115 tons.

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        That is cool,my question is where do those guys find the time?
        I just need one more tool,just one!